Being active in sports without injury - good preparation is the alpha and omega

Sport does body and psyche well and is fun. But soon the personal ambition is put an end, if an injury forces to break. Well prepared, the risk can be substantially reduced. The first rays of sunshine lure the recreational athletes back into the open air. Some use the spring to finally implement his good intentions and start with the sport. But for some of them, the first training session ends at the orthopedist, sports physician, family doctor or in the emergency care.

Sports accidents throughout the year

The list of possible injuries during sports is long. In the last three years, every fifth German suffered a sports accident in his free time. Bruises, sprains and muscle and tendon tears make up almost 80 percent of all sports injuries.

The reason for the painful spring awakening with strains, sprains, bruises or even fractures is usually that you take over. In 70 percent of cases, poor preparation is the cause of injury.

Even those who were in top form last fall can not assume after the winter break that they can start again with their own performance. Risks remain even with those who were active during the winter in swimming, cross-country skiing or in the gym - the spring and summer sports strain muscles and joints differently. Professionals know this and train specifically to avoid sports injuries.

The trend to risk

In Germany, an estimated 40 million people practice sport, around one third of them in more than 90, 000 clubs.

Unfortunately, around one to two to two million people in Germany are injured every year in sports - and the trend is rising. The reasons for this are the growing number of untrained recreational athletes, the trend towards fashion sports such as snowboarding and inline skating or sports with increased risk of injury such as mountain biking, bungee jumping or free climbing.

In addition, there is a generally increased risk-taking among many athletes. In addition, the movements are often insufficiently learned, precautions are not or insufficiently observed and the recommended protective clothing is not worn.

Top 10 injured body regions

In these 10 body regions, most sports injuries occur:

  1. hock
  2. knee
  3. shoulder
  4. wrist
  5. elbow
  6. thumb
  7. skull
  8. thorax
  9. spinal column
  10. Achilles tendon
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