Sport - Truth and Errors

Sport is murder - this statement has no longer been valid for a long time. Sports activities in moderation not only help to increase physical well-being, but also have a positive effect on the psyche. You feel younger, more balanced and healthier. Regular endurance training also has a beneficial effect on the brain, can lower blood pressure and strengthen the immune system.

1. Anyone who does sports can eat everything

Anyone who is physically active and does a lot of sports, the fat in the food can not do so much. But also athletes should not feast unrestrained, if they do not want to put on fat. Because: who eats more than he consumes, increases. By the way, when you do sports, it is quite normal to gain weight first, because muscles are heavier than fat.

2. Training progress must hurt?

The breath whistles and the calves burn like fire: Those who train like this are training badly. A high degree of effort makes important training effects such as Stress reduction, strengthen the immune system. And the famous muscle soreness is not just a hyperacidity of the muscles but a sign of physical overwork. Muscular soreness is caused by tiny injuries in the muscle fibers.

3. The best remedy for sore muscles - again the same movement

The times when it was believed, are also over today. The troubled muscle now needs its recovery. Since these are tiny injuries of the muscle, gentle movements are recommended nowadays. Lightweight stretching programs or stretching exercises relieve the muscle. Loose jogging, swimming or light gymnastics support the circulation of the injured muscles, the healing is supported.

4. The more you exhaust yourself, the fitter you get

That's not true! After a long period of exercise, there must also be a rest period so that you can regenerate. Anyone who demands top performance from the body on a daily basis is more damaging to him and also negates the positive effects of sport. Therefore: insert at least one rest day.

5. After 30 minutes of endurance sports, fat burning begins

Already after a short time fat burning starts with the relaxed endurance, but with a minimal share of the total energy supply. After half an hour, the body begins to take most of the energy it needs to pull out of its fat stores. That's why it makes sense to walk or jog for more than half an hour without a break. For fat burning, endurance sports with a duration of 30-45 minutes are recommended three times a week.

6. Sport makes you slim

That's not true. Only those who eat less will lose weight. However, exercise is an important and good supplement. Strength training is suitable for increasing the metabolic rate by building muscle. Targeted endurance sports increase calorie consumption.

7. Eating in the evening makes you fat?

A US research group has found that there is no correlation between the amount of food consumed after 5 pm and a possible weight change. The study participants who ate a lot in the evening did not increase or decrease in comparison to those who dined before 5 pm. Calories are just calories. When we take them to us, the body does not care. But: For the intestine, it is better, after 17 clock to eat nothing more, also sleeps better.

8. Anyone who sweats a lot burns fat

No, by sweating z. B. in the sauna, only water is lost, fat is not degraded. The weight loss results from the loss of water and this should be compensated quickly by drinking a lot. For optimal fat burning, however, regular endurance training like swimming, running, cycling. Important: Only those who walk so that they can talk while burning fat.

9. Breast swimming in back problems is healthy

Swiming is healthy, but breaststroke for back problems is more likely to result in cramping of the muscles around the spine than strengthening the back. The reason: The posture during breaststroke - the head over water - is not healthy for the back. Only those who put their heads into the water with each swim stroke are, so to speak, right.

10. It does not make sense for older people to start playing sports

The opposite is the case. Studies have found that physical exercise in seniors significantly delays the aging process and also promotes mental fitness. Recommended are sports that train the whole body such. Walking, hiking, swimming, dancing, cross-country skiing. Anyone who has been physically inactive for longer should have their doctor check you in advance.

11. Osteoporosis only affects older people

Osteoporosis, the breakdown of bone mass, usually occurs in old age. However, the deciding factor is whether and how much one moves at a young age. By the age of about 30 years, more bone substance is being produced than broken down. In old age, however, the bone substance is degraded more and more. But that also means: The longer the bone substance has been built up through movement and exercise during the youth years, the longer the bones last.

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