Sports and nutrition

Sports activities are among the most popular pastimes. In addition, they help to prevent civilization diseases. However, it will not be really healthy until the nutrition is right. Only those who regularly refill their performance memory protect their body against deficiency symptoms and get fit through every season.

Supply of nutrients is important

Most people are well geared to their sport in terms of equipment. Also, that the sporting achievements after a long break, for example, in the spring should initially be slowly increased, is now known. But how important it is that the body is also sufficiently supplied with all the important nutrients, has not gotten around yet.

Even if recreational athletes do not have to be as strict as professionals on nutritional plans, they should also aim for a wholesome and varied diet. This is the only way they will stay efficient and feel completely at ease.

Nutritional mistakes can have serious consequences

If the composition of the food is not correct, stamina and concentration can drop rapidly. It can lead to muscle cramps to fainting. Recreational athletes as well as athletes should observe the guidelines for "fitness nutrition" of the German Nutrition Society (DGE). Thereafter, the menu should be composed as follows:

  • many carbohydrates
  • Less fat
  • a balanced protein offer
  • a high nutrient density
  • healthy snacks
  • adequate hydration
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