Sport and exercise in winter - excuses do not count

Lonely and forgotten, they spend their lives during these months: jogging shoes, sports equipment and heart rate monitors. Most of them have seen the daylight for the last time in September. And many of their owners intend to pay no attention to them until March. Sport and physical activity hardly have any place in the consciousness of the people at the moment.
After work it is dark, cold and often it rains. In October, perhaps one or the other thought with a guilty conscience of his summer rounds through the park. But that is a long time ago. Now life without sport has become a habit.

Torture for the body

Despite sitting in the office for long, most are now looking forward to TV, sofa and above all: cozy food. This life is a permanent torture for the heart, muscles and joints. Only the love handles live up. No need to be surprised next April, when the spring stuff is no longer fit.

Use the opportunities of everyday life

The DAK recommends that the theme of exercise not be dropped altogether. Movement is also a matter of habit. The new entry in the spring is much more difficult, if you do not stay active. Of course nobody should jog in the dark park.

But there are many ways out of motionlessness in everyday life: to dispense with the elevator in favor of the stairs, to ask questions to the colleagues in the neighboring offices instead of calling there and get up as much as possible from the chair.

In addition, the lunch break is a perfect opportunity to get some fresh air. A brisk walk - alone or with colleagues - brings the cycle on tours.


In addition, there are also the weekends - because it is light. On Saturday and Sunday you can pursue all the sports that have made fun in summer: rollerblading, jogging, walking or cycling.

Endless possibilities

Also for the evenings in the week there are so many opportunities to get active that there is no room for excuses: the swimming pool is open, the fitness club and the tennis hall too. And there are sports clubs everywhere offering jazz, jazz, yoga, pilates, gymnastics, stretching, aerobics, weight training, volleyball, handball, basketball, indoor hockey, fistball, table tennis, badminton ... the list is endless. And if you still have not found anything, you can just do a dance class again!

Get off the sofa - together we can do better

But it is often difficult to motivate yourself to exercise and exercise, especially when nature does not lure you outside. Can help now a training partner. Why not ask a nice colleague or a colleague if she or he wants to join? Together you can play tennis or squash, inline skating or just jogging. Also, the visit to the gym will be entertaining for two.

Do not let others hang

Anyone who has played in a team knows that every man counts here - and every woman. If you find it difficult to motivate yourself to do sport on dark evenings, team sports are particularly suitable. Because letting others hang during training is out of the question for team players.

Another advantage of team sports: It is where like-minded people come together, and the joy of movement comes. Regular sports in a team is more than just pure movement.

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