Sport is murder! Is that correct?

One of sporty mufflers always like to put forward assertion to ward off physical activity. And then Churchill's "No sports" is quoted (and Churchill did a lot of sports at a young age), mentioning the famous first marathon runner who collapsed dead on the market square after running from Marathon to Athens, and the daily press keeps coming up with reports According to which people died suddenly after physical activity.

Low risk

According to various studies, however, the risk of premature death after exercise is extremely low. It is estimated that in a group of 100, 000 middle-aged men, there are six deaths from physical activity each year - with the highest risk in the first hour after exercise and higher for people with predominantly sedentary activity than those who daily move and are trained.

Benefits of exercising

On the other hand, sports reduce cardiovascular deaths from 70 to 40 per 10, 000 person-years - that is, every year in a group of 10, 000 people, 30 can be saved by doing sports. Eventually, their blood pressure drops, the heart is exercised, and the body's blood and oxygen supplies are improved - all that could prevent heart attacks and strokes and increase life expectancy.

There are many ways to do sports. Whether football, tennis, swimming, jogging, Nordic walking, volleyball, cycling or inline skating. And: Sport not only makes you fit, but also fun, slim and attractive.

Plea for sport in old age

Sport can not prevent aging. Properly applied, however, it increases performance, cerebral blood flow, vitality and resistance to diseases of all kinds. Even with reaching the 70 does not stop the physical learning.

  • Motor skills can be trained even in old age.
  • Exercise promotes breathing and blood flow, the two essential life elements. This promotes the joie de vivre in the most natural way.
  • Note: After a long break in sports you should refrain from sports that demand a high degree of body control, strength and speed.
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