Sport in the inland waters

Summer sports in the inland waters

Waterskiing involves pulling a boat across the water, using a leash. Even if the actual movement work is done by the boat, quite a few muscles are used in water skiing. In particular, so-called static and yielding training stimuli are set so that beginners often feel a sore sore muscles after the first time. Otherwise, the risk of injury is low, since one tends to drive at low speed in this country.
A further development of water skiing is wakeboarding. The driver stands - in contrast to classic water skiing - laterally to the direction of travel. Advanced riders can be pulled by a speedboat.

Rowing as a sport in summer

More contemplative is rowing and canoeing or kayaking. However, all three sports want to be learned, because otherwise you are permanently in a circle or you become a source of danger for the shipping traffic and thus also for yourself. It is also important that you do not pull out of the "round back". Introductory courses can be found at the appropriate sports clubs, where you can rent suitable boats for a fee.

Contrary to widespread opinion, "paddle sports" not only stress the upper muscles. When rowing, for example, 70 percent of the power comes from the legs. It is therefore in the best sense to whole body sport. Some canoeing clubs now have rafting on offer.

Rafting versus fishing

Rafting is an action sport that is usually done in groups, with a dinghy going down more or less rapid rivers. Due to tightened security measures, rafting has significantly reduced the risk of accidents in recent years and has also resulted in compromises with conservationists and anglers who saw their interests hampered by the whitewater canals.

If the rafting is more about action, the hunters with the peace of fishing rather oases of peace and tranquility. In this country, fishing is usually permitted only after completed fishery testing, but in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Schleswig-Holstein, the rod can also be ejected - without aptitude test - after the purchase of a temporary tourist fishing license.

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