Sport in overweight

Too fat for sports? No excuses, please! Rather, there are enough serious reasons why obese people should get into motion in terms of movement. Because sport is not only an effective fat killer and a valuable contribution to health - with his head selected it is even really fun!

No more excuses

Excuse Number One: "I do not dare to go to the gym" You do not have to! It is much better to give yourself a jolt, to go out - and to start! With walking for example - that sounds much more dynamic than just going for a walk. For newcomers, walking or Nordic walking is the ideal way to get started.

And refutes another popular excuse: "I'm out of breath so fast!" That's not intended - on the contrary. DAK sports scientist Uwe Dresel: "Fatty acids are only aerobically, so with enough oxygen, burned." Therefore, it is important that the pulse values ​​do not jump too high and you only gasp for air. The sports expert: "Feeling a light, pleasant effort is the first goal."

Weight loss with regular exercise

"But you do not lose weight ?!" And whether! Regular exercise increases calorie consumption, builds muscle and fat slowly. An additional plus: Because muscle tissue consumes more energy than fat, gradually increases the basal metabolic rate and thus the calorie consumption - that is, the fat melts faster.

Uwe Dresel: "Especially for overweight endurance sports recommend, preferably three times a week for half an hour, in the slow to medium pace." Without "going to the joints" - even a popular (as wrong!) Objection of some overweight to the sport.

Here, too, the opposite is true: Especially because of (over) weight, the support corset needs special strengthening. However, since too many pounds strain the joints anyway, it is important to stress the ligaments and bones as gently as possible while exercising. Jumps or fast movements are therefore once taboo.

Which sports are suitable for overweight?

Ideal is, for example, brisk walking or walking: both is much easier on the joints than, for example, jogging, as always one foot remains in contact with the ground. Nevertheless, here comes the metabolism properly in momentum. This improves the blood levels, burns plenty of energy and strengthens the immune system. Optimal for this is a gymnastics program that strengthens the muscles and increases mobility.

Together it's better

Cycling (or mountain biking) is also very suitable for heavy athletes: It makes you fit without burdening the musculoskeletal system. And because the gravity of the body is reduced by about 90 percent in the water, obese people are, of course, exactly in their element when swimming: swimming enables the gentlest training ever, strengthens the muscles and tightens the tissue.

And if you want to exhaust yourself a bit more in the wet element, why not enjoy a round of aqua-fitness or water aerobics - exercise in the water is an excellent fat burner. All this in the good-humored circle of like-minded people - for example in a course. Who shies away from prejudice No. 5 "Such courses are too expensive for me, " should consult his health insurance: For cardiovascular training with quality pay most of the funds like a grant.

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