A current trend sport is conquering the whole globe from Germany - Speedminton® or Speed ​​Badminton. Speedminton® is a fast-paced sport made up of various elements of badminton, tennis and squash.

Speedminton: Freestyle or according to fixed rules

Badminton, tennis and squash are among the popular classics among the backlash games. Now Speedminton®, a combination of these three sports, provides enthusiasm for young and old. The practical thing about Speedminton® is its versatility. This sport can be played both in the hall and outdoors, according to fixed rules in a staked field or as a freestyle variant on fields, meadows, roads or even from house roof to house roof.

The racket: racquet

The game is played with rackets that resemble the squash racket and are called racquets. Depending on the game requirements, racquets are made of lightweight aluminum or hardened aluminum. The length of 58cm is the ideal basis for the ball control, accuracy and maneuverability. The grip center of a racket lies in the length of a so-called vibration node, which is why a very arm gentle vibration behavior is exercised. Children have their own racquets.

The ball: Speeder

The balls have the name Speeder, which is because they can win by their material at high speed, namely up to 290 km / h. Speeder are smaller and heavier than traditional shuttlecocks, so they can fly faster and further. During the game, a speeder can achieve a strike distance of up to 30m.

game rules

The so-called Court, the playing field, has on all sides in each case 5.5m, the distance to the other playing field amounts to 12.8m. Ideally, a tennis court for the Speedminton® can be staked out and used, in bad weather a tennis or multi-purpose hall.

A Speedminton® match consists of 3, maximum 5 sets and ends with 16 points per set. If it is 15:15, then the game set goes into extra time, decisive for a victory are two points ahead. The first serve and the choice of the field side are first decided by lot.

The player drops the speeder at hip level from his hand and then hits him with the racket to the opponent. Each player may make three serve succession, then a change takes place. By the way, every page is followed by a page break.


The Speedminton® scores when:

  • the surcharge does not succeed in accordance with the requirement.
  • the speeder lands on the ground in the field.
  • the Speeder is knocked out.
  • the speeder touches the body.
  • the Speeder is beaten twice in a row.

If a player rolls back Speeder, even though he is out of the field, the Speeder is considered accepted.

Speedminton® in double

In Speedminton® you can play both the single and the double variant. The rules of the individual apply then also here, whereby the playing field is divided again with a double. There is then a front and a back space within a playing field, with each impact change then also the positions within the playing field must be exchanged.

Lots of exercise, have fun

With Speedminton® the whole body gets into tremendous movement and momentum. Because of the enormous speed of a speeder the whole game gets a high speed. It is an ideal sport for outdoors and indoors. If you want to play Speedminton® on the beach, you do not have to be afraid of wind and weather. Special wind rings can be rolled over the speeder's caps so that a match can be done outdoors even in windy conditions.

Incidentally, true Speedminton® fans also play their favorite game at night. Because there are special Nightspeeder, which can be lit by a glow stick, which is located in the fluorescent striking cap, and then flicker like small shooting stars through the night sky. By the way: Due to the fast game, the Speedminton® not only trains physical condition and builds up muscles, but also shapes the entire body.

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