Sunscreen - Which skin type am I?

Sure, top, skirt or pants and the new sandals have to come out the door when it comes out in the next few weeks on sunny days. But is not there something missing? Cap and sunglasses, yes. And: sunscreen, of course! But which one? And from where? Here we give you practical tips for sun protection that suit your skin type.

The self-protection time

First of all, you should know the own protection time (EZ) of your skin: The time span in which the skin outside will certainly not cause any damage, such as a sunburn. These are a maximum of 10 minutes for children. In adolescents, the DC depends on the "photo type": especially fair-skinned have at most 10 minutes, sun sensitive about 20 minutes, normal tanning half an hour of self-protection. In southern dark skin, the span is longer. Tanned skin has a slightly higher self-protection than pale.


On each bottle or tube of sunscreen is a number, the SPF (sun protection factor) and English SPF (Sun Protection Factor). But how long is one with a certain protection factor on the safe side? For example, let's say your skin is phototype 2, with a self-protection time of 10 minutes. If you lubricate yourself with a sunscreen with the sun protection factor 5, your self-protection time is extended by a factor of five. So you can safely stay in the sun for 50 minutes.

However, if your skin is still not used to the sun, you should deduct one-third of it again, which means that you can only sunbathe for half an hour, or you better use a higher sun protection factor. The protection by a sunscreen remains but only if you often after creams. Bathing, sweating, sanding and drying off rub off the film on the skin, even with water-resistant products.

By the way: Also on the bike or inliners - sun protection always belongs to the naked skin. The tans also under high factors! And where will one advise, which means fits? In pharmacies.

Photo type determination

Test yourself! How sensitive is your skin? Choose what applies to you:

Feature // Photo Type I II III IV
Hair colorwith red stingblondbrunetteblack
Eye ColorLight Blueblue greenbrown, graydark brown
frecklesmany manylotsfewno
Skin color un-browned (inside of your arms)very brightbrightmediumdark
sunburnvery fastfastRarebarely
browningnever brownlightly tannedmedium brownedheavily browned


Mostly Answer I: Phototype I

You have a very sun-sensitive skin with a self-protection time of no more than 5 to 10 minutes. Protect your skin with sunscreen with SPF 40 or 50+, especially when you go on vacation. Avoid the plump, intense sun.

Mostly Answer II: Phototype II

They have a sun-sensitive skin with a self-protection time of 10 to 20 minutes. Slowly get the skin into the sun. Protect your skin even if it is already a little tanned. Recommended: LSF 25 to 40

Mostly Answer III: Phototype III

They have a little sun-sensitive skin with a self-protection time of 20 to 30 minutes. But you should not overestimate your skin. At first, use a cream with SPF 25, later you can resort to lower factors.

Mostly Answer IV: Phototype IV

They have a sun-resistant skin with a self-protection time of 30 to 40 minutes. They turn brown as soon as the sun shines on your skin. For a very long stay in the sun or in very intense sunlight, you should still protect your skin. For creams are enough with a SPF 10 or 20.

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