Sunscreen for delicate children's skin

Sun, beach, sea and vacation - many parents think of sun protection and suitable clothing. However, it is often overlooked that UV radiation is very intense even in spring and children can also get sunburned in the playground or at home in the garden. It is enormously important to protect the skin of the little ones, because it is very thin and sensitive. The ability to regenerate itself and protect against UV rays has children's skin only in their teens. Especially sunburns in childhood increase the risk of later developing skin cancer.

Dangerous UV rays

Kid's skin is considerably thinner and more sensitive than the skin of adults. The cells of the children's skin are almost completely defenseless against UV rays. If the sunburn occurs, the skin has already been significantly damaged. Because this warning system works even more delayed in children than in adults.

To make matters worse, especially the little ones spend a lot of time outdoors, where they can be exposed to a high degree of sun exposure. Sunburns in childhood and adolescence increase the risk of getting skin cancer two to three times later.

Protect children properly from the sun

Unfortunately, many parents do not know that creaming should not be started until the first time you go to the pool or sunbathe on the beach. Because the sun is shining on the playground, where the children, once it is warmer, again with short sleeves and later in short shorts romp. Again, the children should be creamed and wearing a headgear, because once the damage caused to the skin can be difficult to repair. Not only can sunburn be very painful, it also greatly increases the risk of skin cancer in adulthood.

A carefully selected sunscreen product with a sun protection factor (SPF) between 20 and 30 offers safe protection for the thin and light-sensitive skin of the baby, at least for a certain time.

8 practical rules for optimal sun protection

So that the little ones can survive and experience the first encounters with the sun and the warm season in good health, here are some valuable tips for all parents:

  1. Never expose children under the age of one to direct sunlight.
  2. Do not wear sunscreen while sunbathing, but always 30 minutes before you and your child go out in the sun.
  3. Protect particularly vulnerable areas such as the bridge of the nose, ears, lower lip, shoulders, chin, back of the foot very well
  4. Protect your child always right: with sunscreen, hat, headgear, panties and high-quality sunglasses.
  5. Again and again sunscreen after creaming, because despite water resistance is lost by water, sweating and abrasion of the sunscreen. Attention: By re-creaming the maximum protection time is not extended.
  6. Lead by example: Your children will emulate your behavior. Therefore, parents should also pay close attention to the sun protection rules.
  7. Avoid longer sun periods.
  8. Especially important: children must protect from sunburn. Every sunburn increases the risk of later skin cancer.
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