cross-country skiing

Snowy landscapes, moderate speed and no queuing at the lift - if you like that, then cross-country skiing is the right choice. Well-groomed trails are everywhere, where in the winter long time snow lies. And this type of locomotion in the fresh air is healthy anyway. This sport trains endurance and boosts the circulation.

Suitable for the whole family

Another advantage of this winter sport: Cross-country skiing is suitable for the whole family. Because unlike adults, children in endurance sports usually do not know any false ambitions. When they are tired, they stop. Such contingencies should, however, be included in the route planning.

Cross-country skiing as moderate endurance training

Similar to Nordic walking, cross-country skiing is valued by experts as moderate endurance training, which boosts the heart and circulation. The fat burning is not too short. For beginners, the classic running technique is ideal. It is easy to learn and evenly stresses the entire body. The load on the joints, however, is limited.

Armor for cross-country skiing

The equipment is comparatively cheap. Who does not know exactly, if cross-country skiing is the right thing for him, can lend himself the necessary equipment. The shape and length of the skis vary - depending on whether you prefer the classic running style or the skating technique. Warm, functional clothing is a must.

Risk of injury low

In general, the risk of injury is low. The snow is soft, the speed calculable. There are no ergonomically atypical movements. However, you should not choose too difficult or too long a route as a beginner. For the untrained 5 to 10 kilometers are realistic. Someone who does sports regularly should do 10 to 20 kilometers. For longer distances, it is advisable to take provisions, because nothing is worse than at minus degrees in the open air to hypoglycemia.

As cross-country skiing is a classic endurance sport, no special warm-up training is needed. It's enough to take it easy on the first few kilometers.

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