Skiing: With helmet, without alcohol

In addition to physical fitness, other factors in skiing play an important role in getting you back on track safely and soundly. Easily ends a descent in the hospital instead of at the valley station, if one relies solely on his physical fitness. A good equipment, protection of the skin against sun as well as cold and a renouncement of alcohol or drugs like cocaine create the basis for a ski pleasure without painful disadvantages for the health.

Equipment and skiing

Skis, ski boots and ski binding must be technically perfect and should be checked regularly. The binding must be adjusted individually depending on size and weight. If this is too loose, it can break loose completely when driving on faster bends and possibly lead to heavy falls with negative consequences for your health. Especially for beginners or skiers who only rarely ski, the rental of sports equipment in shops or in the ski school is ideal.

By the way: In Germany there is no helmet obligation on the slopes, in contrast to Italy. However, the wearing of a helmet is recommended by doctors and experts and sometimes even required as a duty. Many skiers who already wear a helmet are not only enthusiastic about the safety aspect, but also that a helmet can also protect against cold, sleet and sun.

Skiing: protect skin from the sun

Most skiers like to enjoy fresh air and sun as well as skiing. This is not a problem inasmuch as the skin is previously intensively provided with sunscreen. Because snow and ice in particular can reflect the sun's rays and increase the risk of sunburn. The danger of coldness for the skin should not be underestimated.

So that the skin is perfectly protected against the sun and cold, there is sunscreen, which also has a cold protection. Also Sunblock and lipid-protective cream for the lips are among the utensils of a skier. Sunglasses also protect not only from the sun, but can also prevent inflammation of the conjunctiva by drafts.

Alcohol while skiing

For most skiers, a successful ski holiday also includes après ski with music, dancing and mostly alcohol. Again and again, however, alcohol that is drunk while skiing, leads to serious accidents, since the self-assessment can be affected by the influence of alcohol.

And not only that the lack of self-assessment can bring more skiers on the slopes in danger. Alcohol in combination with cold can also increase the risk of a heart attack or stroke. Although there are no alcohol limits on German pistes so far, it is very advisable to abstain from alcohol altogether when skiing.

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