New Year's Eve: Pay attention to the safety of the children

While celebrating in the Sivesternacht happy, the New Year for nationwide begins more than 200 children with severe injuries in the emergency room of the hospital. For the careless use of Böllern and fireworks rockets often leads to severe burns, eye injuries and hearing damage. The most common injury is the burning of hands because children hold the cracker too long in their hands. For example, banger frogs should not be carried in trouser pockets because they may self-ignite due to friction and cause severe burns to the genitals and lumbar area.

Eight to 15 year olds are particularly at risk

A special risk group are children from 8 to 15 years. They often try before New Year's Eve flares and bangers.
"It does not do any good to ban children from banging, " says Martina Abel from the Federal Working Group on More Safety for Children e. V. "But it is very important to talk to young people about the dangers of fireworks and practice safe firing together, and parents should not drink alcohol until midnight to keep track of what's going on, " she advises Abel.

Tips for the proper handling of fireworks

  • Never leave small children close to firecrackers and always keep a safe distance from firing.
  • Fireworks with children should only use fireworks suitable for children, such as small firefighters under supervision.
  • In principle, parents should only buy pyrotechnic articles with official approval (imprint BAM-P I + II). Hazard class II is not suitable for children and adolescents. These bangers are only allowed to ignite adults outdoors.
  • The rockets must be set up tilt-proof and must never be relighted. Before that, it should be ensured that there is no tree and no balcony above the shooting site.
  • Never aim at humans with rockets.
  • Especially small children are in danger when firecrackers get caught in the hoods.

Under no circumstances children are allowed to tinker with the fireworks. "New Year's Eve and New Year's Day parents should make sure that the children do not pick up unexploded ordnance to re-ignite or make new bangers from it, " advises Adelheid Gottwald of the initiative for burnt children Paulinchen eV, the member of the BAG More safety for children is.

During the blast, windows and skylights should remain closed. After the fireworks, parents on New Year's Day must ensure that the remains of the bangers and duds are safely disposed of.

What to do in an accident:

Should there be an accident during the New Year's Eve but there must be action quickly: 112 is the number of the emergency medical service. Burns should be immediately cooled under running cold water (20 degrees) for at least 10 minutes. Caution is advised for smaller children as they cool down quickly. If there is a suspicion of hearing or eye injury, consult a specialist or hospital outpatient department immediately.

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