Safe barbecue

The approximately 80 to 100 million barbecue fires that are kindled in the Federal Republic between April and October, every year between 3, 000 to 4, 000 barbecue accidents happen, 400 to 500 of them end up with severe burns.

The grill

A safety-approved grill appliance can be recognized by the number DIN 66077 attached to the appliance. Among other things, the DIN CERTCO, Society for Conformity Assessment mbH, Berlin certifies that the device is tilt-proof and free from sharp edges. In addition, the handle of the spit is not too hot with these devices.

The coal

Good charcoal carries the test and surveillance symbol DIN 51749. It ensures the purchase that this product is high-quality goods. Whether the decision for charcoal cushions, briquettes or blocks falls, is left to each grill friend himself.

The grill lighter

There are solid and liquid firelighters in the specialist trade whose quality can be easily recognized by the corresponding safety mark (test and surveillance symbol DIN 66358) and a registration number. These well-lit lighters do not fizzle out and do not explode and leave no trace of taste.

Gasoline and alcohol? No thanks!

Flammable liquids such as methylated spirits or gasoline are taboo when lighting! When these fuels evaporate, a highly explosive, combustible vapor-air mixture in the form of a bell with a diameter of up to three meters is created. When igniting the charcoal then it comes to a deflagration, which in turn is the cause of severe burns. If poured into the embers or the fire, the fuel can be ripped out of the hand by the flashback. The flame inferno can be devastating!

Gel-like grill lighter not dangerous

Even gel-like barbeque lighters based on alcohol are not always safe: charcoal heats up to 80 degrees Celsius in hot summer temperatures, and the grill paste liquefies on the hot coal - creating an explosive mixture that can ignite and cause severe burn injuries.

Safety for children

Especially children, who are attracted by fire and fire, close to the grill, can carry the heaviest burns on their faces. Not only do you have to undergo a lengthy and painful hospital treatment, you often suffer from a dry, cold-sensitive skin with itching and tension and disfiguring scars all your life.

Grill must stand firmly

For safe grilling is already the setting up of the grill. He should stand firmly on all three or four legs, on a non-flammable surface, preferably on a level piece of lawn, on stone slabs or paving stones. It is almost superfluous to say that barbecuing is and should be a pure outdoor pleasure. Even in bad weather, a grill is not under the umbrella. Even house and apartment are not the suitable places for hearty barbecue.

"Hot and greasy!"

Fat splashes are painful. From burns from splashing fat - and even small burns are painful and annoying - protect barbecue aprons, gloves and a good barbecue cutlery, which decorates it, usually with cheerful designs, in a very large selection in the retailer.

On hot coals ...?

Once the fire has been kindled, the dangers are not over. If a piece of charcoal melts, it should be kept as close as possible to avoid a fire. If you think you have better wind elsewhere in the garden, you should not wear the hot grill. Only with a cold grill you can change the location safely. The residual heat should be quenched with sand and not emptied into the trash can. Never burn coal out on the grass or in the fields, because children often burn themselves to death because they have burned into the embers or have stepped into still glowing charcoal leftovers that have been poured onto the grass to cool down. Therefore, children should always be kept away from the barbecue fire, preferably with a barrier.

Tips for shopping

  • Safety-approved grills are marked DIN 66077
  • Safe barbecue charcoal is identified by the DIN 51749 symbol
  • DIN 66358: the number for tested and safe firelighters for barbecue charcoal and barbecue charcoal briquettes

If you have children ...

  • Do not leave it unattended near the grill.
  • Never let glowing charcoal burn out on the lawn or on beds. Children grab or step inside!
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