Safe driving in winter

Slippery roads, poor visibility and snowfall - winter has its pitfalls and it should not be underestimated. When roads sink into the snow, traffic signs are often difficult to decipher. But also a snowed road sign it is important to note. The winter splendor with snow and ice often confronted motorists with questions and problems. For example, many people are not sure what to do when they come across snow-covered traffic signs.

Even in snow chaos rules apply

So what should be considered? If traffic signs are no longer legible, they can still be clearly recognized by the shape. So, even on unfamiliar roads, you always have to adhere to signs that you already recognize by their shape. Because: In case of damage, snow-covered signs are no excuse. Examples are octagon (stop), standing on the top triangle (give way) or square (priority road).

Residents are even expected to know what it means, despite the snow-covered sign. However, it is not compulsory to search under snow for the meaning of a sign. However, a cautious onward journey is required - you should continue to drive carefully, slow down the pace and be ready to brake. Because it may well be that the hidden character, for example, a speed limit orders or warns of a danger point.

Correct behavior in frost and snow

Sufficient radiator frost protection is one of the most important preparations for the winter. During a short visit to the workshop, the frost protection can be checked easily. Also make sure there is enough antifreeze in the windshield wiper water. An always functioning windscreen washer system is indispensable especially in winter. Particularly critical are the days when the temperature fluctuates around the freezing point.

The reason: Due to the changing thawing and freezing, the road surface changes constantly. It's best to hear the weather report the day before.

  • Calculate more time in snow or frost
  • Adjust speed
  • Consider extended braking distance
  • Driving ahead and in distress: Down from the gas pedal
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