Sexual headache - Taboo topic with high degree of arousal

The sentence "Darling, not today - I have a headache" sounds pretty trite. In addition, he is alleged to serve as an excuse for the "most beautiful incident in the world". But the most violent headaches occur for many people during intercourse, and not before.

Men are affected more often

In general, it is not the women who are having headaches while having sex. Especially men between the ages of 25 and 50 are three to four times more likely to be affected than women. Mostly the headache comes explosively during orgasm.

About 70% of those affected report that they have been "flashed" by this painful concomitant phenomenon. In other patients, a dull pain in the head and neck spreads, which becomes stronger with increasing excitation and more like a tension-type headache.

In most patients, the sexual cervical pain occurs only for a few months and then disappears. However, the symptoms can still return years later. Studies show that migraine patients are particularly affected. In about a quarter of the patients, the physicians can detect a familial predisposition to attack-like headache. High blood pressure and altered sexual practices also increase the risk.

cause and effect

Anyone who suffers from a severe headache attack during sexual intercourse must first clarify urgently whether a cerebral hemorrhage or a stroke may be the cause. In most cases, such life-threatening triggers of headache can be ruled out.

There is no clear indication of the origin of the symptoms, but stress researchers assume that the processing of stress stimuli in the brain does not work optimally for the affected patients.

This also affects the regulation of the arteries in the brain. The vessels can not properly adjust to the increase in blood pressure and thus cause a misfeeding of the brain. Similar mechanisms are also known by migraine patients.

Abstinence is not necessary

Explosive headaches during intercourse are painful and uncomfortable. For the person concerned, they are worrisome, but generally harmless. However, those who suffer more frequently from these attacks do not have to do without sexual intercourse.

Some discipline, however, can help to limit or completely prevent the headache. Quickies or too much excitement should be avoided. The "cuddle variant" with slowly increasing excitement helps not to overload the stimulus processing in the brain.

Prophylactically, after consultation with the doctor one can take acetylsalicylic acid one hour before sexual intercourse. For long-term sexual headache, beta blockers and other antihypertensive agents may also be used. In any case, a thorough medical check-up is necessary in order to delete the phrase "Darling, stop 'I get a headache" from his vocabulary.

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