sex education

There is no such thing as a tested theory that can educate the child in a pedagogically valuable way. There is also no ideal time for the infamous parent-child conversation: For the classic education, procreation, pregnancy and birth handled in one go, is today no longer enough. Why? The innocent little ones get in touch early with the topic of sex: Through television, magazines, radio and advertising, they quickly get insight into the love life. The sooner this half-knowledge is put into perspective, the easier it will be for them later to deal naturally and confidently with sexuality and their body.

Where do the little children come from?

One day, the kids really want to know where babies come from. Nobody understands the winged words about the history of pollination ", believes Biology teacher Anja H. She teaches at a high school, among other things, sex education:" Children are usually not mature enough and therefore can not do much with technical details. " They need simple but true answers.

Parents can think about how to name the genitals and then describe in simple terms how daddy's sperm fertilize mom's eggs when they love each other. And then a baby grows in Mama's stomach. It is important to convey that tenderness is involved. So the child learns that the union of man and woman is a loving, natural process.

If parents find it difficult to talk about sex, picture books will help. Later, they can leave the topic of enlightenment to the teacher. In Germany, the school is in second place when it comes to education. First place goes to the mother. "Children in sixth grade do not really know what happens during sex, " says pedagogue Henke. "But everyone has some kind of half-knowledge and that's what the teacher has to go through."

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