Add to all his mustard: With this we play today on it that someone unsolicited to everything his opinion announces. In the seventeenth century, when this phrase came into circulation, it still meant real mustard. Because it was so precious and sought after by our ancestors that a host who could afford it would add it to any meal without asking - whether or not the recipe was right for mustard.

Mustard promotes digestion

Today we use mustard especially as a spice. Healthy, however, it is not only as an addition to certain foods, also externally applied to the mustard was already awarded by the oldest cultures a healing effect.

The main ingredients mustard oil and sinalbin in white mustard or sinigrin in brown and black mustard are responsible for the sharpness. However, this arises only during production with the addition of liquid. The sharp taste stimulates our appetite and promotes digestion, which is why mustard is particularly recommended as an addition to greasy foods such as bratwurst.

Mustard: Healthy in a variety of ways

In addition, mustards are credited with several other health effects:

  • Mustard has an anti-inflammatory and antibiotic effect
  • The consumption of mustard regulates the blood pressure
  • a mustard bath for colds has proven especially because of the sweaty and strong circulation-promoting effect
  • Wheels of mustard flour help against bronchitis
  • with rheumatism or similar complaints, a mustard patch from the pharmacy provides relief

Make mustard yourself

For the production of the mustard paste we mainly use, the seeds serve white, brown or black mustard. The darker these are, the sharper the taste becomes. However, if you want to make mustard yourself, you will usually need mustard flour for the sake of simplicity.

The calorie content may vary greatly depending on the variety and the supplements. Basically, the spicy version has fewer calories than the mild ones. However, those who want to make mustard themselves in order to lose weight and control the ingredients of their food often have the problem that white mustard seeds are more readily available in the health food store.

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Tasty and healthy: mustard recipes

If you want to try a mustard recipe, you can easily access finished products from the supermarket. But making mustard yourself is also worthwhile, as it is usually much more aromatic. The basic ingredients mustard seeds, water, vinegar, salt and sugar you can add any additions, depending on the recipe.

Mustard is no longer eaten just for hot dog or fatty meat. Mustard sauce also refines every fish dish. If you like the sweet honey mustard, you can make use of the combination "honey and mustard" in many ways: mustard dressing of olive oil, white wine vinegar, honey, finely chopped parsley, vegetable brewing powder and pepper (and of course mustard, preferably medium hot) is not suitable only for any salads, but also taste great with the tofu steak.

Recipe for mustard eggs

But not only mustard dressing and mustard sauce will delight vegetarians, why not try the following mustard recipe for mustard eggs:

  • half a tube of medium hot mustard
  • eight eggs
  • 50 grams of butter
  • three to four tablespoons of flour
  • 500 milliliters of vegetable stock
  • Sea salt and pepper
  • potatoes

Cook the peeled potatoes as usual. In parallel, boil the eggs hard (about eight minutes) and quench with cold water. In a saucepan, drain the butter, then add the flour and mustard. Then gradually add vegetable stock. Now simmer the mustard sauce at a low temperature until the desired consistency is achieved. Finally, season with salt and pepper. The peeled eggs are added to the mustard sauce and boiled briefly. Then serve the mustard eggs with the potatoes.

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