Self-control in diabetes

The regular self-control of the metabolism of a diabetic is an essential supplement of care by the doctor. Well-informed, self-controlled diabetics increase your quality of life and can more easily deal with diabetes.

What good is a good self-control?

Over- or under-sugar can be recognized in time and appropriate measures can be initiated. Consequences of eyes, kidneys, feet and cardiovascular diseases can be reduced. Diabetics should therefore discuss with your doctor which controls are optimal at which intervals.

Prerequisite for a successful self-control

  • the knowledge about the disease diabetes
  • the influences on the blood sugar value
  • the function and handling of blood glucose meters
  • the "reading" of the measured values ​​and the documentation of the values

What can you control as a diabetic yourself?

Depending on the type of diabetes and diabetes treatment:

  • Urine sugar, blood sugar
  • For metabolic derailments check for ketone bodies
  • Body weight (overweight more control than normal weight)
  • Blood pressure (indispensable for hypertension)
  • Condition of the feet - pay special attention to pressure points, wounds or injuries. With every injury of the feet it is important to see the doctor.

Self-control also means ...

Diabetics can actively participate in the treatment with self-control and take responsibility for better control of their blood sugar.

  • The documentation of the measured values ​​in a diabetic diary.
  • Regular review of the diary with the doctor.
  • Document corrective action taken.
  • Definition of goals and therapy agreements with the doctor in the "health passport diabetes".
  • Regular important examinations, which the doctor undertakes not to forget.

When are additional blood sugar checks useful?

In all unclear situations insulin-injecting diabetics should measure their blood sugar more frequently than usual:

  • Malaise before or after exercise or after extended meals
  • Change in the daily routine
    Larger trips or longer car rides
  • In the case of imminent under- or over-sugarings
  • During infectious diseases or feverish diseases

Through regular self-control ...

... diabetics get more security in everyday life
... the disease can be better controlled
... increases well-being and quality of life
... can best prevent the dreaded damage to eyes, kidneys, feet on the cardiovascular system.

A good attitude is always worthwhile!

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