Sparkling wine - tips for sparkling wine fans

Sparkling wine is often drunk privately. For a professional tasting of sparkling wine, however, you should pay attention to the following features:

  • Mousseux - Perlung
  • colour
  • Flower - bouquet (aroma)
  • taste
  • leaving

It depends on the right champagne glass

Connoisseurs enjoy champagne only from suitable champagne glasses. The best champagne glasses in terms of puffiness and aroma are narrow, tulip-shaped glasses. You must have a so-called "Moussierpunkt" in the middle. This not visible, ground Raustelle intensifies the pearl of the sparkling wine.

In addition to a champagne cooler, the sparkling wine accessories for professionals include a champagne tongs to open and a champagne trap, so that the carbon dioxide does not escape too quickly. Usually you fill champagne glasses only to about 2/3 of the glass. It is poured slowly into the slightly obliquely held champagne glass.

Champagne glasses should not be rinsed with detergent, but with clear, hot water and then rubbed with a cloth. The invisible film of dish soap severely impairs fine pearls and taste.

Cooking with sparkling wine

Often sparkling wine is drunk as an aperitif for food or used as a blending ingredient, for example, in Strawberry Bowler, Kir Royal or other cocktails. But just like with wine, you can cook with sparkling wine. Even champagne jelly is now produced.

Especially the dessert can be served with champagne: For example, lemon ice cream can be combined with a dash of chilled white dry sparkling wine in a cocktail glass and also champagne sorbet with melon can be used as a dessert.

Recipe: champagne sorbet with melon

For the sorbet, boil 250 g of sugar with 150 cc of water. Simmer in a syrupy saucepan in an open pan. That takes about 15 minutes. Allow to cool slightly. Squeeze 5 limes and measure 100 cc of juice. Mix a bottle of sparkling wine (0.75 l), lime juice and sugar syrup.

Put in the freezer and let it freeze for about 2 to 3 hours. From time to time stir with a whisk. Halve and core a melon (about 400g). Arrange with a few grapes and fill with the sorbet.

Sparkling wine as a drink to eat

Sparkling wine can also be used as a companion to the festive meal during all menu tours. For the first and main course you should submit a brood or a dry champagne. For sweet desserts a semi-dry sparkling wine fits perfectly.

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