Soul and food - chocolate as a consolation

Also not to be underestimated is the impact of our psychological situation on food choices and the frequency of meals. Children are heartbroken, because they have fallen while playing or the playmate does not want to give away the favorite toy, so usually helps something sweet to stop the flow of tears.

Enhance well-being through eating

Even in adulthood, many sorrows, loneliness and boredom can be relieved with chocolate. The increase in well-being does not only result from the taste experience. The ingredients of chocolate cause certain substances to be released in our brain that are good for our mental state. These include, for example, endorphins, which produce a feeling of happiness and contentment.

But other foods that we consume with pleasure, trigger this satisfaction and help over so many frustrations. If we have to embalm our soul too often with chocolate or other goodies, this may eventually become noticeable on the scale.

Eating against the stress

Stress is an integral part of our everyday lives. It can be good and necessary in moderation, but too much stress can put a lot of mental and physical strain on us. Many compensate for stress by eating more than they normally do. The food has a relaxing effect and so it is often accessed in stressful situations.

Scientists have shown that people who are constantly dieting and controlling their food are prone to 'stuffing' all available foods under stress. Apparently the body is so stressed by self-imposed control and overcoming the body's regulatory mechanisms that additional stress causes this system to collapse.

After a ravenous attack, the guilty feelings usually come back by turns, and such a nice thing as the food gives us a true alternation of emotions.

Tips against "stress eating"

If our sensations such as stress, frustration, grief, loneliness and boredom are too enticing, it can lead to uncontrolled weight gain. Unfortunately, we are usually not tempted to grab fruit and vegetables, but chocolate, chips and other high-calorie delicacies serve as soul-comforters. These tips can help to avoid stress eating:

  • A first step is to be aware of which situations you are increasingly accessing and which foods you prefer. You will get to know your own eating habits better and can deliberately consider alternatives.
  • Just try the following: you feel stressed or frustrated in the workplace. Normally, you would resort to the chocolate store in the desk to become calmer. Why not take a short break instead and go for a walk or go up and down a few steps?
  • Exercise causes us to breathe deeper, the body is then better supplied with oxygen. In addition, it also comes in motion to release hormones, including endorphins, which contribute to our well-being.
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