Soul and food - Enjoy with all your senses

Lose control

Those who constantly control their own eating habits and overhear the body's natural signals are particularly vulnerable to emotionally and psychologically stressful situations.

This is especially pronounced when the feeling of hunger is stubbornly suppressed and meals are ignored. The body often reacts to cravings, which are manifested among other things by circulatory problems, nausea and restlessness.

If you can easily skip breakfast and at lunch on the nibbling a carrot, so overcame one of the cravings at the latest in the evening. Then stress clouds in the sky, the cravings may be even earlier. Even though self-control has worked well so far, it often beats us. The result is that usually large amounts of high-calorie foods are devoured.

Tips for preventing cravings

To prevent such stress cravings, it is therefore important to sometimes give the control:

  • Try to listen to the signals of your body.
  • People who pay attention to their biological signals usually eat when they are hungry and stop when they are full. You have a balance between energy intake and consumption. Even stressful situations can not usually lead these people into feeding attacks. Rather, they tend to eat less under stress.

Enjoy with all your senses

Enjoyment means well-being for us. To prepare a delicious dish, to arrange and enjoy it in pleasant company triggers with us high feelings.

But how often does eating enjoyment still play a role? Food should fill you up, go fast, sometimes comfort and reduce frustration. Just consumed, some meal triggers remorse and guilt because it was too high in calories, too rich or too rich in sugar. Is eating still fun?

So enjoy your meal again

These tips can help you feel the pleasure of eating again:

  • Try to enjoy a menu again. Take time to prepare, cover the table nicely, light a candle and treat yourself to a glass of wine.
  • Cook a dish that you like very much but which does not bother with too many calories. This will prevent a bad feeling from spoiling the feast. How about, for example, a fish dish and a tasty salad side dish? Or chicken breast with vegetable atatouille?

Pamper your soul with delicious, healthy food

Eating is good not only for the body but also for the soul. By enjoyable food and drink we can pamper our soul. We should again learn to enjoy the food and not constantly submit to a food inspection.

With delicious and healthy ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, cereals and low-fat meat products can be magical dishes. Of course, sometimes we need a piece of chocolate either as a balm for the soul or as a delicacy, but we should limit the consumption of sweets to a few enjoyable moments.

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