Sweating allowed - sauna in summer

A sauna bath is balm for the soul and offers protection against colds. And everyone knows how relaxing the heavy sweating can be, for example, after a tiring office day or stress in general. So why not give it up in the summer? Many people believe that sauna helps only in winter, in the summer you sweat enough anyway. A popular mistake, because for the "roast in their own juice" there are three unbeatably good arguments.

Patent recipe against the summer flu

Sweating in the dry sauna climate pollutes the circulation less than damp summer heat. Sweating unclothed is just healthier. Because the sweat can evaporate freely on bare skin and cool, while it can not be optimally transported under even the thinnest clothes.

Sweating is also an ideal preparation for holiday travel to hotter regions. The body increases its sweat production through regular sauna bathing - and sweating is the best defense against too much heat.

In addition, who wants to permanently strengthen his immune power, also regularly sauna and should not interrupt it in the summer for a long time. After all, we can catch a cold in the warm season and saunas are a good way to prevent the summer flu.

And if you are then still in a sauna guest who has a secluded garden on offer, the sauna in the summer is particularly attractive.

Also not forbidden for cardiac patients

And there is something else in favor of regular sauna visits: the heat and cold stimuli help the skin cells: sweating in the sauna purifies the body almost from the inside and increases the removal of sediment. It is also an effective cardiovascular workout. New research has shown that the sauna even has a positive effect in patients with heart failure, ie the decline in the power of the heart. But of course, as with all illnesses, which basically allow the passage into the sauna, before consultation with the doctor is necessary.

Pregnant "yes" - babies "no"

Pregnant women who are used to saunas, children and the elderly can safely go to the sauna. For children, you should make sure that it is not exposed to the heat too long. Because of their (compared to body size) large skin surface, they absorb the heat very quickly. The same applies to cooling: your child should not cool down too much. For babies, the sauna is basically taboo. Because the high temperatures do not get their circulation. You can get shortness of breath in the heat.

And one last tip: between the sauna sessions you should not drink, as this virtually interrupting the sweating; the body switches from excretion to absorption. The full sauna effect unfolds also best if you abstain from nicotine, alcohol, coffee and tea after the sauna. This also applies to sports: Anyone who goes into physical activity immediately after the sauna, for example, swims, interferes with the relaxation gained.

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