Dizziness or headache? - Often glasses can help

Throbbing headache, agonizing backache, unexplained dizzy spells. Not always is a cause for these afflictions readily apparent. However, such inexplicable symptoms can point to visual defects and inflammation of the eye - without the patient perceiving this relationship. Because undiscovered blurred vision often causes pain throughout the body. The prescription of the right glasses or the treatment of an eye disease is often the best remedy. The walk to the ophthalmologist should therefore be early in the investigation chain.

Regular examination of the eyes

Also, anyone who feels healthy, ophthalmologists advise regular eye checks. Because routine check-ups of the fundus, the blood vessels and the intraocular pressure give the experienced physician also information about hidden diseases of the whole organism, such as an impending heart attack.

The use of hints from the eye is already known from Chinese medicine as well as from Hippocrates and Philostrates. Changes in the foreground of the eyes, such as whitening, darkened areas, colored spots or eye-catching vascular drawings, make it possible to recognize diseases such as inflammation, organ weakness, metabolic disorders and their causes and relationships.

Possible causes

For example, rheumatism can make nodules and inflammation in the eye; Hyperthyroidism can cause protruding eyes (Basedow's eyes). Also, many infectious diseases such as measles, mumps, whooping cough, AIDS, tuberculosis, etc. cause eye inflammation. For example, whooping cough is often recognized by bleeding due to coughing fits.

Eye to eye with the pain

At every checkup, the ophthalmologist not only examines the patient's vision, but also the fundus, the blood vessels, and he looks for signs of star disease. By inspecting the vessels in the eye, the ophthalmologist can draw conclusions about dangerous changes in the entire cardiovascular system.

Often it is the ophthalmologist who first detects an existing diabetes or dangerous high blood pressure in an eye exam and then quickly take the right action.

Also, uncorrected vision defects or incorrectly calculated visual aids often lead to severe headaches - in school children in the classroom, in adulthood with prolonged screen work.

The professional association of ophthalmologists therefore advises everyone to take an annual check-up of the eyes, so that serious diseases of the eyes and the whole organism can be detected and treated in good time.

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