Deafness affects partnership

The basis of every partnership is the communication between each other. However, communication does not always succeed due to a variety of factors: we talk past each other, sometimes prefer to remain silent instead of addressing something, and sometimes simply do not listen - deliberately, but sometimes unintentionally. Hearing loss is a widespread affliction affecting 19% of over 14-year-olds in Germany alone, or around 13 million people. Of these, about 9% suffer from severe deafness. Hearing damage can also lead to problems in the partnership.

Deafness in the partnership

Hearing interlocutors are often insecure and helpless in exchange with hearing-impaired people. "There are more and more misunderstandings, which in turn can lead to discord. It's like having a new human as a partner when the hearing loss is detected, "says Dr. Oliver Rien, certified psychologist and self-impaired.

They often have inadequate knowledge of hearing impairment and are unaware of how to handle it. Impatience, but also helplessness can be the result. The hearing-impaired partner feels rejected and misunderstood by this reaction. "Often, hearing loss causes loss of self-esteem. If depression and increased sensitivity and irritability then add, it can lead to enormous strains in the relationship, "said Rien.

Communication tactics for both partners

In order to avoid difficulties with the deafness Dr. med. According to Oliver Rien, hearing-impaired and hearing-impaired people rely on certain communication tactics:

  • Looking eye contact while speaking.
  • The spoken word must be foreseeable for the hearing impaired person from the mouth of the partner.
  • Speak slowly and clearly.
  • Use short and concise sentences.

But often these approaches also reach their limits. Therefore, hearing impaired people usually wear hearing aids. While these are no longer helpful and the hearing loss is profound or bordering on deafness, there is another way to improve communication between the hearing and the hearing impaired: a hearing implant. Making calls, listening to music, taking part in conversations: Despite hearing loss, communication is generally easier and more stress-free - even in partnership.

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