Heavy legs after jogging

Heavy legs after sports most people have had before. But those who regularly have tired legs after training should pay more attention to their body. If illness-related causes can be ruled out, the training program should be examined more closely. For those who struggle with heavy legs during or after jogging may train incorrectly.

Heavy legs after jogging: causes

The most common cause of tired, heavy legs after exercise is too hard training or too short a break. Heavy legs while jogging indicate fatigue of the muscles, this is not yet fully effective again. The heavy legs are a warning signal of the body to avoid excessive stress.

Anyone who suffers from heavy legs despite sufficiently long regeneration phases should have a blood picture taken at the doctor's. For even a lack of minerals such as iron, magnesium or calcium can lead to tired, heavy legs. If this is the case, you should make sure after the sport to replenish the mineral storage.

Heavy legs after jogging - What to do?

To avoid heavy legs after exercising, do not walk too fast or too long and pay attention to the warning signs of your body. In addition, you should treat your body after running always enough recovery.

To prevent heavy legs, you can also massaging your legs after jogging with blood circulation-promoting products. It should always be massaged in the direction of the heart.

In addition, you should quit after a strenuous workout in peace to get the regeneration processes going. Lifting your legs after jogging can also help with heavy legs.

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