Pregnancy - what should be considered?

A pregnancy - especially the first one - is a very special time for expectant parents, which is associated with many challenges and a major change in many things in life. What should be noted here, you can find out here.

9 tips for a healthy pregnancy

  1. Take regular check-ups with your doctor.
  2. The development of the child in the womb is disturbed by smoking and alcohol. During pregnancy, but also during breast-feeding, you should therefore abstain from smoking and alcohol.
  3. Medications that you take are usually also absorbed by the developing child. Therefore, you should take medication during pregnancy only after consulting your doctor.
  4. During pregnancy, even common diseases can cause problems, so ask your doctor if you have any health problems.
  5. A healthy diet is extremely important for mother and child. The sentence that should be eaten for two during pregnancy is not. Much more important is to consume high-quality foods: plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains. It is also important to meet the increased demand for minerals, vitamins and trace elements. In particular, the folic acid - even before pregnancy - as well as the iodine supply should be sufficiently high.
  6. Exercise, especially in fresh air, promotes blood circulation and also helps your circulation.
  7. To prepare for childbirth, it makes sense to inform yourself early on about various ways to give birth. So you can calmly choose the best method for you.
  8. There is also the possibility to learn relaxation and breathing methods in different courses during pregnancy, which prepare for childbirth. Also, a better understanding of what happens in the body during childbirth can take many fears.
  9. Not to mention practical tips for the time after birth. Again, who knows what is important, can look forward to the breastfeeding and the new stage of life.

What to do about nausea and vomiting?

About one third of all pregnancies are accompanied by nausea or vomiting, especially in the first few months. For severe forms of gestational vomiting the doctor must be consulted. Otherwise, some tips to better bridge this time:

  • Many small meals throughout the day do not weigh on the stomach and blood sugar as much as three large meals.
  • If you are plagued by morning sickness, it is best to eat a rusks or slice of bread in bed.

What to do for back pain?

Back pain occurs more often during pregnancy, because the spine is more weight-bearing. This more weight and often taken unnatural attitudes of pregnant women then result in back pain.

Tips against back pain:

  • Bed rest, relief of the spine
  • Targeted gymnastics, swimming
  • physical therapy
  • comfortable shoes and regular breaks

What to do against stretch marks?

More than two-thirds of all pregnant women get stretch marks during their pregnancy. Characteristics are bluish to brown-red stripes, which result from the stretching of the subcutaneous fatty tissue. Affected body parts are usually the stomach, but also thighs, hips and breasts can be affected.

Tips against stretch marks:

  • Exercise like gymnastics or swimming before and during pregnancy are excellent preventive measures
  • dry brushing
  • cold brewing
  • Special creams against stretch marks help to maintain the elasticity of the skin.
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