Protection against mumps by vaccination

Against mumps there is an extremely effective vaccine, which is usually given to children for the first time between the 12th and the 15th month. Most of this vaccination is done in the context of a combination vaccine against measles, mumps, rubella and chickenpox. The second vaccination is done at the age of 15 to 23 months. There should be at least a four-week period between both vaccinations. The mumps vaccine is a live vaccine, which means that attenuated pathogens are injected.

Frequency of the disease

Of the children who are not vaccinated against mumps, about 90 percent get infected until the age of 15 with the virus disease. In Germany, however, now only relatively few mumps occur because the vaccination in children is routinely performed.

Mumps despite vaccination

Very rarely it can happen that you get mumps despite vaccination. This is possible if the mumps vaccine has not struck as desired. Possible causes include a badly stored vaccine or an immunodeficiency.

With two vaccinations against mumps these days, the virus is very rare in vaccinated individuals. Because the second vaccination is not a booster, but a second vaccination. With this, those cases are caught in which the first vaccination did not strike.

Mumps in adults

Adults are even more rarely affected by mumps than children. Most adults are either vaccinated or have been infected with the virus since childhood. After that there is usually a lifelong immunity.

Only about ten percent of those who are not vaccinated against mumps do not fall ill in childhood and as a result can still become infected with the virus as adults. In rare cases, a secondary infection is also possible. In adults, mumps is significantly more likely to have complications than children.

Mumps during pregnancy

If pregnant women contract mumps, the virus can cause a miscarriage, especially in the first few months of pregnancy. However, it is not yet known that malformations or premature birth can occur as a result of the disease.

Newborns and infants whose mother was already infected with mumps can not fall ill. They are protected by the mother's antibodies for a few months.

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