Cold - How to get active

This is how you become active yourself

Coughing is usually harmless and disappears by itself, especially if you actively support your body in recovery.

In the following cases, you should definitely consult a doctor:

  • if the symptoms last longer than seven days,
  • if you have pain in the head or forehead area, in the ears or the jaw,
  • if you get a high fever,
  • if infants or young children are affected,
  • if you cough heavily or suffer from difficulty breathing.

The right thing to do

Most important is adequate hydration. Drink at least two, better three liters daily. Make sure you have a pleasant indoor climate too: too warm, dry rooms are not for your stressed nasal mucosa. Put on a humidifier or hang up wet towels. Avoid smoky, overheated rooms.

Medicines for colds

Nasal sprays and drops make the nasal mucous membrane swell and ensure a quiet night. Some contain sympathomimetics - these should only be used for a short time, as otherwise you may develop a malnourishment. Before you use such remedies in young children, you should definitely consult a doctor: they can affect the child's heart and circulatory system. Better use special nose drops and sprays for small children.

Undesirable are preparations that moisturize the nasal mucosa. As a result, the mucous membrane also swells, the viscous mucus is liquefied and can drain better. They contain, for example, natural sea salt or Emser salt.

For allergic rhinitis help tablets containing cromoglycic acid. If the mucus is particularly tough, mucolytic preparations with acetylsalicylic acid, ambroxol or herbal ingredients such as ivy or myrole.

Inhale, wraps and rinses

Also steam baths with chamomile, mineral salts or marshmallow are proven. Inhalers have the advantage over the classic "bowl-and-towel method" that the steam does not irritate the eyes. Nasal rinses with sea salt also moisturize the nasal mucosa and cause it to swell.

Alternatively, lie down with a warm chest wrap and sweat out the cold. Either wrap the wrap with damp towels or add boiled, crushed, still warm potatoes. A dry towel over it and then off to bed and slept sound!

Drink, drink, drink

With herbal teas you kill two birds with one stone: the hot tea liquefies the viscous mucus, in addition the herbs develop their healing effect. For example, try an infusion of fennel, sage, yarrow or dried redcurrants. Also elderberry juice has proven itself, you can drink it pure or mixed with tea. And of course, a homemade chicken soup helps - it nourishes and contains plenty of fluids!

Help from homeopathy

Help against watery colds from the field of homeopathy, such as Allium cepa (onion), Euphrasia officinalis (eyebright) or sodium chloratum (common salt). In homeopathy for children especially Sambucus nigra (black elderberry) is suitable.

Pressure for the common cold

Yintang, a key snuff acupressure point, sits right in the middle of your eyebrows. If this is too painful for you, choose the point Large Intestine 4, which sits in the middle of the fleshy crease between your thumb and forefinger. Press the selected point for one to two minutes as fast as you can stand it and repeat the procedure as needed after half an hour.

Cold: Prevention helps

Keep your immune system fit through balanced nutrition and exercise in the fresh air. Sleep well in a cool and well ventilated bedroom and pay attention to the humidity. Keep your nasal mucosa moist by drinking and possibly inhaling.

Brush your nose properly: hold one nostril and blow through the other. Use the same paper towel once less than once more.

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