Make-up tips for a slender face

There are a number of make-up tips that make your face look slim. Especially with round face shapes you can do a lot wrong with makeup. Those people are then often much more obese than they really are. But what do they look like, the make-up tips that make you look slim and slim?

Basically, faces with round face shapes should be made up in a structured way. Round faces need contours and texture that are created with a contrast of light and dark tones. Other slim make-up tips are based on the principle of distraction. Dip your benefits into bright light and let the unloved things disappear in the shadows - you'll see that makes you slim in one fell swoop.

In principle, it is about emphasizing the "creamy pieces". For example, a well-formed mouth can be set in scene with the right touch. Even eyes can be conspicuously made up, so as to direct the eyes of others to the "essentials". Sometimes it's the little things that give expression to a face.

Eyebrows should be plucked properly

The eyebrows give many people a very special personality. Again, a few make-up tips help to make the face look slim. Many women make the mistake and pluck their eyebrows too strong - usually left only a wafer-thin line. Round and wide faces are even more voluminous. Another trick: pluck and make-up eyebrows so that they have their highest point outside. With shimmer and glitter, on the other hand, you should rather keep household - because they do not make your face look slim.

One of the top addresses for make-up tips is the targeted use of Rouge. Rouge is usually applied to the cheeks to simulate certain facial colors. For example, dark rouge can support a face that is supposed to be slim and narrow. The greatest slim effect is achieved by rouge, when applied discreetly below the cheekbone. If you change the colors in your face often, it gives you more contour and depth - making it look narrower. The hair fall under the rubric make-up tips.

Hair has a big influence on the effect of our face. Thus, a center parting makes a round face appear thick. The best are asymmetric hair formations - so a wide or round face looks slim and narrow. Even putting on the hair can optically lengthen the face. There are many make-up tips that put our appearance in the right light.

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