Being slim at all costs - eating disorders are inevitable

It lacks everything

Fruit, salad and lots of water make up the daily diet of the slimming fanatics. Not infrequently, the body needs only 1, 000 kcal. Especially adolescents have a very high energy demand during their growth. At the age of 15 to 19, girls need about 2, 500 kcal and boys about 3, 100 kcal.

Not only is there a lack of energy, important nutrients such as protein, vitamins and minerals are not sufficiently absorbed. Long-term hunger cures do not pass without a trace on the body. The muscles dwindle, the bone density decreases, it can lead to anemia, hair loss and skin lesions.

Tighten the reins

On the way to the desired weight, a restrained eating behavior becomes an ally in many adolescents. Sophisticated control strategies bypass the physiological control of hunger and appetite. Calories are counted, high-calorie foods are consistently removed from the diet, and even whole meals are skipped to achieve the desired weight.

The restrained eater lives constantly in the fear of being too fat or gaining weight. Accordingly, the thoughts constantly revolve around the calorie content of the food. Regular strict diets are the order of the day. Among the restrained eaters are not, as many may assume, only slender persons. You can find them in all weight classes.

When control is lost

The problem of many restrained eaters is to control eating behavior over a long period of time. The self-imposed restriction can often not be sustained permanently. The body responds to the restrained eating habits with a cravings that lead to uncontrolled eating. Sometimes this is self-protection of the organism in response to a deficiency resulting from nutrient depletion. Even in stress situations, it often comes to loss of control, which is accompanied by cravings and sweet hunger.

Even external stimuli such as food scents or the sight of a festive food table can lead to the rigid prohibitions turning into the opposite and eating large quantities at once. Sometimes it comes to real eating attacks, which are usually accompanied by regret and a guilty conscience. Those involved find themselves in a vicious circle, in which strict self-control and unrestrained binge eating follow each other and pull some affected into an ever deeper vortex.

Eating disorders are inevitable

If such restrained food intake is practiced for a long time, it can lead to serious disturbances of eating behavior. The stronger the self-control is pronounced, the greater the difficulty for those affected to keep the reins taut. Increased food cravings and sweet hunger attacks make a dash through the tight calorie calculation.

It is also discussed whether a pronounced control behavior, as observed in the bridled eaters, is associated with the later development of eating disorders such as bulimia, anorexia and binge eating disorder.

If you have a reasonable suspicion that a disturbed eating behavior assumes morbid traits in the sense of the named illnesses, a medical treatment in special centers is urgently indicated.

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