Slim in sleep

Losing weight in your sleep, who does not want that? About half of all Germans are dissatisfied with their weight. You would like to be slim. So it would be a dream to be able to lose weight while sleeping. Good news: It's not a dream, because our body actually burns fat at night, so losing weight in sleep is not a utopia.

Biorhythm crucial

But, of course, it is not just sleeping that causes superfluous and unwanted fat spots on our body, so that we become lean. Filling your stomach with all sorts of delicacies during the day, but then going to bed in the evening with the hope of losing weight and getting slim will continue to be an unfulfilled wish. But who pays attention to his biorhythm, eats and lives after that, can actually lose weight during sleep to achieve his desired or ideal weight or the status "slim".

Slim thanks to sleep

While we rest at night by sleeping to gain new energy for the next day, our body works. Cells are cleaned, repaired and newly formed, toxins are filtered out, transported away, the lymph flow is promoted and thus the tissue is tightened. Of course, the body needs energy for that. This he pulls, to the best of our advantage, from the existing fats. However, it is very important that our body can actually dedicate itself to these tasks. For this, our body needs enough sleep, so at least six, ideally eight hours.

Equally important: Our digestive system should be relieved. Because a body should not be additionally busy with digestion and processing of food. Only then is fat burning at night optimal, the cleaning process of our body can run at full speed and we can be slim in sleep. This positive effect can be supported by his own way of life. If you pay attention to your own internal clock, it is much easier to get slim.

Losing weight with insulin food

Connections between biorhythm and possible fat burning during sleep are much debated. Nutritionists and sports scientists point to a so-called Insulin-Trennkost, which in combination with sufficient sleep and daily exercise can lead to the desired success in losing weight.

Insulin is a hormone that can store and also control fat burning. Because insulin is responsible for transporting nutrients into the cells in order to use them there for energy. Once a cell has absorbed enough nutrients, all remaining nutrients remain in the blood first. Now, the pancreas begins to produce insulin again - up to three times the amount.

However, since our cells no longer have any need, the insulin that is now present is deposited by the body in the fatty tissue. This can eventually lead to obesity, even diabetes. Consequence of this must therefore be to avoid necessarily to bring the pancreas several times a day at full speed.

By Insulin-Trennkost should therefore be possible to supply the body always appropriate energy, which he just needs. During the day these are carbohydrates, at night fats. In this way the body can act in the best possible way, allowing us the desired fat burning at night, that is, losing weight during sleep.

Food and sports at the right time

It is important for the success of the insulin-food combining is the observance of the schedule, when at the day which foods are suitable. In addition, exercise plays a crucial role in getting slim. It is based on three solid meals a day, with a minimum interval of about five hours.

Small snacks in between are not allowed. Because the pancreas would have to work again in between meals. Thus, the insulin level between the main meals would not come down properly. Who gets hungry in between, should better resort to green tea, because this drains in addition. In addition, green tea can lower cholesterol.

Everything is allowed for breakfast, except food containing protein, such as cheese, sausage, yoghurt or a breakfast egg. It is important to have breakfast and plenty of carbohydrates, which our body can use to gain energy at this stage of the day.

At lunchtime you can enjoy a combination of carbohydrates, fats and protein. In the evening, fish, salad and raw vegetables are ideal. In the evening absolutely taboo with the insulin food combining potatoes, noodles, rice, so everything that contains many carbohydrates. Sport and exercise are important, in the mornings endurance sports are the perfect solution, and in the evening a workout to build muscle is the right choice.

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