Correct vaginal secretion

vaginal secretions

How much vaginal secretions are produced day after day varies from one woman to another: in some women, for example, the panties are almost white in the evening, and for others, one or two panty liners are normal during the day. Usually a total of 5 ml per day are not exceeded. In rare cases, even larger quantities are sequestered, which require changing panties or panty liners several times a day, without finding an organic reason - a condition that can be extremely stressful.

It is believed that these affected women have overactive glands in the vaginal region, much as some people tend to extreme sweating. It is confusing that some authors differentiate differently: Vaginal secretion is with them what is the moistening of the vagina during sexual intercourse, vaginal discharge, however, always morbid. However, this does not correspond to the usual division of the medical profession, in the outflow, so fluorine - depending on severity, composition and cause - can be both normal and pathological.

Ill vaginal flora

The amount, color and smell of the vaginal secretion vary not only hormone-related (ie during the menstrual cycle, during pregnancy, under the "pill"), but can also change in the short term through the diet, for example, not only onions, garlic and spicy spices A permanently unhealthy diet as well as other factors, eg exaggerated intimate hygiene, very tight trousers especially made of synthetic fibers, drug therapies, allergies, a diabetes mellitus, stress and mental stress, can also affect the vaginal flora disturb and lead to complaints and illnesses.

If the vaginal milieu is unbalanced, pathogenic bacteria have an easy game: they can outgrow and "overgrow" the healthy mucous membrane flora (bacterial vaginosis), also trichomonads (flagella, which cause a venereal disease), fungi (especially the yeast Candida albicans) and viruses (eg the herpes virus) then succeed rather a growth and penetration.

In addition to the infections, benign and malignant tumors in the vagina and uterus and - especially with curious little girls - introduced and forgotten foreign bodies lead to morbid discharge. If the inflammatory reactions are located in the area of ​​the labia, they are referred to by the doctor as vulvitis, in the vagina as vaginitis (or vaginitis) or - since often both areas are affected - as vulvovaginitis.

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