Vaginal mycosis: prevention and treatment

All factors that weaken our immune system can promote the spread of Candida albicans. One of the most important preventative measures is therefore the correct hygiene.

risk factors

  • Mushrooms like it moist and warm - so avoid too tight or damp clothing! Tight jeans, synthetic fiber underwear or a wet bathing suit promote infections. Wear better air permeable clothing and change wet clothes quickly.
  • Correct "wiping" when visiting the toilet (always from the vagina towards the anus) to prevent self-infection.
  • Perfumed remedies, alkaline soaps or exaggerated hygiene can also promote infection with Candida albicans. Better use pH-neutral preparations for cleaning.

In addition, a change in diet can be useful. Unsweetened natural yoghurt improves the intestinal and vaginal environment, a balanced diet rich in vitamins and whole grains strengthens the immune system.

Treatment of vaginal fungus

In the following cases a doctor should be consulted: If

  • an infection occurs the first time
  • After three days of therapy no improvement occurs
  • an infection always recurs (more than four times during the last 12 months)
  • young girls or pregnant women are affected
  • the discharge is bloody, yellowish, greenish or foul smelling or additional complaints occur, eg. B. abdominal pain or fever

Medicines for vaginal fungus

For the treatment of fungal diseases, effective drugs - so-called antifungals - in the form of suppositories, vaginal pills or vaginal creams are available. These preparations must be used for the prescribed duration and in the right way. So the suppositories should be introduced with the enclosed applicator and should not be omitted when applying the ointment dam and anus.

It is also very important to pay attention to the correct hygiene during an infection. To support the acidic pH in the genital area there are special care products.

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