Scarlet fever: treatment and diagnosis

Diagnosis of scarlet fever

The doctor presents the diagnosis of scarlet fever based on the typical course of the disease; in case of unclear progressions, a throat swab helps to detect the germs: a rapid streptococcus test provides a result immediately, a more precise germ analysis is carried out using a bacterial culture in the laboratory.

In complicated cases, a urinalysis is carried out after 2 to 4 weeks in order to rule out nephritis. In the blood, an increase in antistreptolysin can be detected - a study that is carried out in suspected streptococcal disease.

Treatment for scarlet fever

The doctors still recommend the use of antibiotics (usually penicillin) for more than 10 days (no shorter, even if the symptoms are improved!) As the best therapy.

It has several advantages:

  • On the one hand, it reduces the risk of serious consequential damage to the infection.
  • On the other hand, the person affected is no longer infectious 24 hours after the start of therapy (while otherwise the contagion persists for about 3 weeks).
  • In addition, the well-being improves after a short time, which otherwise weeks can be limited.

Especially for kindergarten and school children, but also for adults, these are undeniable advantages.

Treat scarlet fever homeopathically?

There are some advocates of classical homeopathy who are convinced that scarlet fever can only be cured with homeopathic remedies and that fewer relapses can then occur. In such cases, however, close medical supervision is indispensable in order to detect possible consequential damage at an early stage.

Home remedies for scarlet fever

A few days bed rest are recommended in scarlet fever, this should the person drinking a lot. Whether hot or cold drinks depend on the individual preferences. Because of the sore throat, liquid food is best - for example, broth, soup or viscous vegetable juices.

Gargling with chamomile and sage tea (every hour or three times a day) inhibits the spread of the germs, protects the mucous membrane and helps against the sore throat. Neck wraps with lemon and quark have a decongestant, cooling and detoxifying effect.

Further measures with scarlet fever

It is recommended that the person concerned spares a few days; a kindergarten or school child should stay at home for at least one week (if not treated with antibiotics until it is no longer contagious, ie about 3 weeks).

Contact persons such as parents or siblings are usually treated only if they have complaints and the throat swab is positive. Exceptional cases are, for example, the presence of certain other diseases.

Tip: After the illness, the toothbrush should be changed: The bristles are an ideal "hiding place" for streptococci, who like to travel from there after the antibiotic therapy and again cause discomfort.

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