Beauty ideal - mirror, mirror on the wall ...

Who is beautiful, has it easier in life. Studies show that attractive people benefit from their appearance: they tend to forgive, pretty babies are smiled at longer and beautiful people earn more money. But what is beautiful? And who decides that? Even if many people - above all Immanuel Kant - would answer that beauty is in the eye of the respective observer, so far every society has always had its own ideal of beauty. Inga Margraf, psychologist at the Techniker Krankenkasse (TK): "Even beauty ideals are subject to trends, they change over time and from culture to culture.By increasing globalization, however, the ideal images are becoming ever more similar Asian women have their eyelids corrected to get a more western look, and the women in this country increasingly go to the solarium to get a southern complexion. "

Beauty ideal in other countries

And although some ideals of beauty often seem strange to Europeans, such as the plump lips or the brassy necks of some indigenous peoples, there are also ideals of beauty that are equally recognized in all cultures. "The ideal of beauty for men hardly changes: broad shoulders, a tall physique and an athletic figure are still considered ideal, with symmetrical facial contours, flawless skin and long legs considered to be particularly attractive in almost all societies and in both sexes", explains the TC psychologist. It looks different, however, the skin complexion. A tanned skin was considered undesirable for centuries, as only peasants working on the field got a dark complexion. A pale complexion, on the other hand, signaled a noble, idle way of life. Meanwhile, a slight tint is considered healthy and desirable. Even when asked whether a female body should be rather slim and well-trained or equipped with female curves, the ideals have changed.

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