Beauty ideal - beauty in the modern age

Modern beauty ideals

When food was scarce, a roundish figure was considered a status symbol and therefore a beauty ideal. After the deprivation-rich time of the Second World War, women like Marilyn Monroe with dress size 44 were considered the prototype of the female. Today, foods are abundant in our latitudes, as ideal image is considered a slim figure. It stands for health and self-discipline. Hollywood's most famous blonde would probably be less successful today. Lean models such as Victoria Beckham, who are proud to wear jeans in children's sizes and fight aging with Botox syringes and cosmetic surgery, are often considered role models. More and more people, especially young women, are jealous of their supposed ideals of beauty, ruining their health. According to the TK, 11, 000 patients were hospitalized in 2005 due to eating disorders, 90 percent of them were women. For 89 of them, the disease even ended in death. TK psychologist Inga Margraf warns against false role models: "Many young women use celebrity slim stars as a model to go hungry for a dress size or a weight that does not fit their physique at all." This usually leads to dissatisfaction with one's own body It is much more important to aim for a healthy body weight instead of adopting beauty ideals and current trends uncritically ".

Healthy woman picture

After the lean trend has already reached unhealthy levels in many countries, there has been an increasing number of initiatives for some time now to return to a healthy image of women. For example, models in Spain now only have a body mass index of at least 18 on the catwalk, which in the case of a woman of 1.75 meters in height makes up a body weight of about 56 kilos. At the same time, some textile manufacturers have entered into self-commitments, according to which the future collections should no longer be based on model dimensions, but on the proportions of the average woman. This is to prevent women coming back frustrated from their shopping trip, and feel too fat because they do not fit in garments that a designer has defined as size 40. The fact that impeccable dream dimensions are not necessarily a prerequisite for a successful advertisement, is also shown by the campaign of a cosmetics manufacturer who consciously focuses on "real" women with the "Initiative for true beauty". The manufacturer cast women of different shapes and ages directly on the street for their positive charisma. Together they pose for the brands of the cosmetics company. Inga Margraf sees this as a first step: "These initiatives show that the previous title pages with beauty-operated women whose pictures are still retouched do not reflect reality. Mass index oriented, but rather has healthy people as a model. "

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