Beauty in cancer

How important is beauty and appearance for women with cancer? Very important, doctors and experts agree on that. Women not only lose their hair, eyelashes and eyebrows with cancer therapy. The skin also paler and the face bloated - so the disease is visible to everyone. Especially for women, this situation is very stressful. In addition to anxiety and pain, they often suffer from feelings of inferiority due to their illness.

Make-up tips for well-being

Simple make-up tips help cancer patients to feel better in their skin again. Because well-being also promotes recovery. In cooperation with hospitals, cancer counseling centers and medical facilities, the non-profit organization "DKMS-Life" offers cosmetic seminars for cancer patients throughout Germany. But even without a seminar, women can mask the outward consequences of their illness and increase self-esteem with a few make-up tricks.

Teint despite cancer

With drugs, the skin of people with cancer is often dry, pale and very sensitive. For skin care, therefore, only very mild care products should be used. First, it is advisable to clean the face thoroughly with a cleansing lotion and rid of dirt particles.

As a make-up base is a moisturizer. Not only does it look good, it also refreshes your face. In summer, the cream should always have the highest possible sun protection factor, as the skin is even more sensitive to sunlight. For a uniform and radiant complexion, apply a make-up sponge or your fingers to match your natural complexion.

Women with very dry skin should rather resort to liquid make-up and refrain from powder. Women who tend to oily skin too quickly can still fix the make-up with powder. To make the face look fresh and alive, Rouge is used. It is passed on the cheekbones from outside to inside, so that the contours are highlighted. On the temples and lower jaw bones, rouge can be applied so that the individual facial features are emphasized.

Eyebrow make-up

The loss of hair often makes eyes look bigger. This is an opportunity for women with cancer. Correspondingly made up and emphasized, the eyes can attract attention and thus develop their own beauty.

First of all, it is important to repaint the eyebrows, which often become thinner after some therapy sessions. This is best done with an eyebrow pencil. Admittedly, this requires a sure instinct and a good look. If the eyebrows are not so strong, the brows can simply be traced accordingly, so that they correspond to the natural course in about.

For a complete loss of eyebrows, it is easier to recreate them with brewing powder. There is one basic rule: about two-thirds of the brow should rise, and then drop a third slightly finer. Stencils are included in most brewing powder products. If these fit, they should be used quietly.

Beautiful eyes and eyelashes

To express the eyes, it is best to put on the eyelids in a dark shade. For this purpose, a neutral priming powder is first applied to the lid. The inner part of the eyelid is then provided with a light eye shadow, the outer part with a dark eye shadow.

For particularly bright eyes, it is recommended to use the complementary color of his eyes as a lighter shade. For brown eyes blue tones, green eyes dark pinks and lilacs and blue eyes copper or apricot tones. The effect will be exacerbated if a light shade is applied under the eyebrows.

If the eyelids are made up, the eyeliner is drawn over the upper and lower lash line with an eyeliner or kohl pencil. Missing eyelashes can be optically replaced by applying small dots on the edge of the eyelid. So the eyelashes look denser and the eye is framed. Are there enough eyelashes left? Mascara is used, which makes the eyelashes look powerful and dense.

Make-up of the lips

Like the eyes, the mouth can be made up to attract attention. Radiation and chemotherapy often make the lips brittle and dry. A regular use of moisturizing products such as glycerin is therefore recommended and also serves as the basis for the make-up of the lips.

A contour pencil is placed in the middle of the lips and the lip contours are drawn from the inside to the outside. At the corner of the mouth, the line is gently faded out with your fingers. So the mouth gets a nice edge and it prevents the lipstick color from running out.

Then the lips are painted with a matching lipstick. Lipstick and contour pencil should have a similar color and also match the eyeshadow. The following applies: courage to color. Red lips look healthy and strong. Even if you may not feel that way, the sight of such a reflection is good.

Hair and jewelry

Women with cancer feel most affected by the loss of their hair. No good wig, not even a nice cloth can replace your own hair. Wigs, shawls, hats and caps are nevertheless suitable for the transition to hide the bald scalp.

And here too, there is a lot of potential for experimentation: make-up and a corresponding cloth can be coordinated with each other and also combined with matching earrings. The imagination knows no limits. Many women discover completely new sides and types and, even after the therapy has survived, they are much more open and creative with their appearance.

In 2008, the young Dutchwoman Sofie van der Stap made an international sensation with her autobiography "Today I'm Blond". In it, she describes how she bought nine different wigs during her chemotherapy and thus gained nine different roles. She wanted to show that you can still laugh, feel good and be smart in spite of a cancer illness.

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