Sauna with cold?

More than 30 million Germans regularly go to the sauna. In a survey by the German Sauna Association, 74 percent of respondents said that they wanted to physically harden themselves. In fact, the health-promoting effect of sauna sessions can be proven: Studies have shown that the number of influenza infections halved after a quarter of a year, if you go to the sauna weekly.

Why sauna keeps fit

Explanation of the phenomenon: Sweat cures train the body's heat regulation system. The interplay of heat and cold stimulates the blood vessels in the skin and mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, and the body learns to better adapt to different temperatures. Heat loss in a cold environment is prevented and cold viruses can be better warded off.

Strengthen the immune system in good time

Especially in the cold season, the pathogens lurk where many people meet: in the office, on the bus or in the supermarket. Here they have an easy game: overheated, poorly ventilated rooms in combination with cold, wet weather are an additional burden on the organism.

It is all the more important to get his immune system up to speed in good time. Preventive and invigorating effect in addition to regular sauna sessions movement, a balanced, vitamin-rich diet and plenty of fluids. But what if, despite prevention, the cold viruses strike once? In that case strenuous exercise and sauna are taboo.

Sauna as prophylaxis

Studies have shown that regular sauna get sick less often after eight to twelve weeks of a cold. The high temperatures cause a stronger circulation of the nasopharyngeal space. Thus, more immune cells can collect there, catch the pathogens.

4 tips for the sauna

Certain rules should definitely be followed by sauna goers:

  • A sauna session should not take longer than 12 to 15 minutes.
  • Two to three repetitions are enough.
  • The sauna should be about once or twice a week.
  • The heat should be followed by a short cold stimulus. So that the body does not cool off due to the cold stimulus, but short refreshment phases, for example, by a flood shower better than a longer stay in the water.

Above all, it is important not to consider saunaing as a must-do, but to feel comfortable, take enough time and enjoy it.

Colds into the sweat bath?

Head, neck and body aches are the first signs of a cold. At this time you should be careful with sauna visits. If the cold is well advanced, you should rather do without the sauna. Because with a cold, sweating is considered healthy. But the burden of the sweat-cure can be too high for the cardiovascular system in this situation.

In this case, you should fight the symptoms of the common cold by the common methods: warm pack, a lot of drinking, fresh air and vitamins are particularly important in a cold. When the cold is accompanied by fever, antipyretic agents help the body recover quickly. You should not visit the sauna until the cold has subsided.

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