Sauna: rest for body and skin

Regular sauna visits are an ideal way to beat the cold season. They strengthen the immune system, train the heart and circulation and are also good for the skin. Real fans treat themselves to this pleasure throughout the year. However, some rules have to be complied with when saunaing.

7 tips and rules for a healthy sauna

  1. It is important that you do not rush into the pleasure of sauna.
  2. Take a shower before the first sauna session and, if necessary, make-up and then dry thoroughly, as dry skin sweats faster than damp.
  3. Stay in the heat for eight to ten minutes on the first sauna session.
  4. The higher the bank, the higher the temperature. Basically it is more effective and healthier to sweat briefly but hard on the upper benches. However, you always have to be comfortable. Set the last one to two minutes to the lowest level to get the circulation back to the upright posture.
  5. After the sauna, the cooling phase follows. To protect the circulation and to prepare the heart slowly for the cold, the cold cast from the right ankle over the legs and arms follows in the direction of the heart. Lukewarm or warm water is taboo, otherwise the relaxing feeling is lost afterwards. The brave can jump into the diving pool for a few seconds.
  6. After each sauna session follows a rest period to relax the body. This phase should be at least as long as the sauna. It is important to ensure that the body does not cool down. A bathrobe or a blanket serve well here.
  7. After the rest period all the fun starts again: sweat, cool down and rest. Stay in the cabin for up to 15 minutes on the second and third saunas. The duration of the sweat, the choice of the bank and the sitting posture determines each self.

The right equipment

The following equipment should be packaged for a sauna visit:

  • Bath towel to underlay
  • Towel for drying
  • Flip flops and bathrobe
  • shower gel
  • Shampoo and body lotion

Heat and ice-cold water - is that compatible?

Although the temperatures in the sauna are between 90 and 100 degrees, the air is so extremely dry that the heat can be withstood well. The subsequent cooling is an incredible blessing.

The regular passage into the sauna has a positive long-term effect on the entire organism: the metabolism is stimulated, the immune system is strengthened and the condition improves. Sauna visits elevate mood, reduce irritability, sleep disorders and headaches. In addition, toxins and excess saline, which the body stores from the food, are flushed out with the sweat.

Do you take off in the sauna?

That would be too good to be true. Although the body loses much fluid through the sweating and it actually show up one to two kilos less on the scales. But at the latest after the next bottle of water they are back on it. However, having a sauna has the advantage of boosting your metabolism and detoxification.

How does the sauna affect the skin and hair?

The skin is cleansed and purifies, the blood circulation increases, the protective coat strengthened and the metabolism of the skin works twice as fast as usual. The result is a rosy, elastic and firm skin on the face and the whole body.

Ideal: apply a face cream after the rest period after the last sauna session. The nutrients are absorbed particularly intensively. Regular sauna sessions can even help to soothe acne skin, as the heavy sweat production can act as a deep cleanser.

You can go with dry or wet hair in the sauna, harmful is neither one nor the other. If you want to give your hair something, leave a hair cure, which is particularly well absorbed by the heat.

Sauna and colds

It does not help but prevents it. Anyone who sweats regularly, strengthens his immune system and is therefore less likely to get sick. If you have a cold, but should not go to the sauna.

Who can not go to the sauna?

For people who suffer from high blood pressure, colds, inflammation, fever, epilepsy, heart or kidney problems, lung or skin diseases or dizzy spells, a sauna visit is inappropriate. If you are not sure, you should consult the doctor before going to the sauna for the first time.

With low blood pressure it is better to lie down instead of sitting. Therefore, be careful not to let your legs down.

How often and how many passes are ideal?

Up to three sessions of sauna are recommended by professionals, more leach the body too much. Especially after the sport, two to three sessions of sauna work wonders. To keep the immune system going, one visit a week with three passes is sufficient. Twice a week, two courses are enough and if you sweat every day, one passage is enough.

However, it is important that you feel comfortable in the sauna. Then you should also judge his personal sauna habits.

With empty or full stomach ...

Anyone who beats his stomach before going to the sauna seems to have a lot to do with his circulation. But it is even worse with a completely empty stomach. Here threatens a collapse. A sandwich before sweating is sufficient for well-being. Do not eat between the saunas and drink as much as possible (this inhibits the detoxification effect). After the last sauna session, however, you should drink at least one liter of water to make up for the fluid balance.

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