Gentle alternative to knee surgery: Computer-aided healing water therapy

Knee problems have become a common disease. Millions of people complain of pain in this largest joint of the human body. The number of operations on the knee is constantly increasing - despite questionable successes: every second surgical patient is dissatisfied with the result of the procedure after examining the Gmünder Ersatzkasse (GEK). New computer-assisted physiotherapies, combined with pain-relieving healing water treatment, open up completely new, gentle and bloodless options for the treatment of signs of wear or aging in the knee joint, chronic overuse or accident-related discomfort.

Complaints widespread after knee surgery

According to a long-term study by the Gmünder Ersatzkasse (GEK), every second patient continues to complain of pain and partially limited freedom of movement after conventional knee surgery - despite the considerable risks that knee joint surgery usually entails,

For this reason, doctors and therapists at Bad Füssinger Johannesbad have developed a gentle alternative to knee surgery in recent years: Rehabilitation therapies aimed at stabilizing the entire musculoskeletal system in the knee area. "Eighty-five percent of patients report significantly better mobility and noticeably less discomfort, " reported Johannesbad physicians.

The core of the new therapy is a special 14-day training of the musculature, through which a natural long-term stabilization and relief of the knee is achieved in every movement phase, in combination with the special sulfur healing water, which is especially present in Bad Füssing.

Bad Füssing's legendary medicinal water: highly effective "medication" for joint pain

Bad Füssing is today one of the leading treatment centers for joint problems in Europe, above all because of the special healing water resources. The sodium bicarbonate chloride source, which bubbles down to 56 degrees in the Lower Bavarian spa, has a unique composition in Europe, with exceptionally strong analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects in joint diseases.

"Knee surgery usually repairs only existing damage, but gentle knee rehabilitation addresses the causes of knee problems, which promises much more lasting treatment success, " says Dr. med. Holger Dittmann.

Special rehab center

The Johannesbad in Bad Füssing is considered the largest center for the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system of acute or chronic knee and joint complaints in Germany. The clinic has 13 therapy pools with over 4, 500 square meters of water surface and the only thermal mineral wave pool in southern Germany. The Johannesbad is also the only private spa clinic in the Federal Republic with its own thermal spring.

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