Acid-base balance

Is it really funny? Not always the old well-known proverbs are correct in the literal sense. Certainly a hearty bite into a lemon lets our facial features slip away, so that at least our counterpart becomes funny. Nevertheless, we often have to experience the negative side of an acid attack - sometimes even painful.

Acid contamination increases

Nutrition and lifestyle lead in our civilized world to an ever stronger acid load. Of course, our organism makes an astonishing thing to maintain the balance between acids and bases: everywhere in the body are buffers that neutralize and deposit too much of the excreted or at best excrete. At first we do not feel the consequences of the acid load, in most cases not even when these buffers are already overloaded and unnoticed have become repositories from the acid storage facilities. This condition can be recognized by the fact that acids are permanently eliminated with the urine, ie that the urine pH (measurable with test strips) is in the acidic range throughout the day, ie below pH 7. Even unspecific muscle pains can - in addition to many other complaints - possibly due to an acid burden. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to directly associate diseases with an acidity: on the one hand, the question of why a disease actually arises is far too little researched, and on the other hand, current diagnostic methods hardly give any indication of hyperacidity in our body tissue.

Five servings of fruits or vegetables

No wonder then that the treatment of an acid load is a hotly debated topic. However, experience has shown that a well-balanced diet, also with regard to the acid-base balance, is ideal for preventing diseases and that even additional deacidification can make an important contribution to the treatment of many diseases. Incidentally, with regard to the lemon mentioned at the outset, it does not matter at all whether a food tastes sour or not. It is crucial what becomes of the food components during the metabolism. For example, organic fruit acids in the fruit form basic compounds and neutral-tasting proteins in meat and cheese acids.

Ideally, we should follow the official dietary recommendations and at least 5 times daily a portion of fresh fruit or vegetables to us to compensate for the acid sources (meat, sausage, cheese, stress, medication). Unfortunately, this is difficult for many of us to realize. Supplements can provide a balance, on the one hand have a high acid-binding capacity, and on the other hand provide our body with the vital minerals calcium and magnesium.

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