Right and drink enough

In heavy sweating (for example, in high temperatures in summer, in overheated rooms or in fever), vomiting or diarrhea and diet, the need for water increases significantly. In physical exertion, more must be drunk - water shortage has a very short-lived and health-endangering effect in sports because water is the body's most important means of transport and cooling.

Older people often drink too little

The thirst sensation decreases in old age, so many older people do not notice that they do not drink enough. Often, older people have misconceptions about their fluid requirements, are afraid of going to the toilet at night, or simply forget to have a drink.

In addition, increased fluid is often excreted as a result of a reduced ability of the kidneys to concentrate. Therefore, older people are particularly susceptible to dehydration, also known as dehydration.

According to recommendations of the German Society for Nutrition (DGE), older adults should ingest about 2.25 liters of fluid a day. Two thirds are for suitable drinks and one third for solid foods such as fruit, salad and dairy products.

4 tips for proper drinking

  • How do you get on your drinking load? Every meal includes a drink. This makes the food easier to digest. In addition, you ensure that the body regularly receives minimum amount of fluid. And you ensure that the fibers absorbed swell well.
  • Distribute your daily intake evenly throughout the day - research has shown that people who drink regularly repeatedly drink more fluids than those who only drink on a few occasions, but then drink plenty. So always put a drink in visible proximity at work, at home or at leisure. This will remind you to drink enough.
  • Switch between different drinks - so you get the desire to drink. Beverages include mineral water, juice spritzer or fruit or herbal tea. By the way: That coffee or tea withdraw liquid from the body, is a nursery tale. They count like every other drink for daily fluid intake.
  • Alcohol extracts the body fluid and minerals. Therefore, it often comes after drinking alcohol to a great sense of drought. This thirst should be satisfied with soft drinks, table or mineral water.
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