Rheumatism - prevention and treatment of rheumatism

For the rheumatic diseases, which have a genetic cause, unfortunately, no preventive measures are known. Back complaints and signs of wear, on the other hand, are avoided just like metabolic diseases due to correct behavior. It strengthens the back muscles through muscle training, fitness exercises with Pezziball, Theraband or at the desk. Joint-friendly sports such as Nordic walking or cycling improve fitness. In addition, health insurance companies with sports programs such as Mobilis or the children's program Boney support anyone who wants to improve their fitness.

Gout attacks as a typical phenomenon of civilization are the result of excessive consumption of high - fat foods or alcohol - temperance is the best prevention here. To prevent osteoporosis, a diet rich in calcium is especially important until the age of 30, because bone mass is built up to this age.


Rheumatic pains are usually treated with analgesics. When taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (these are the most common painkillers) should be administered gastric protection, otherwise threatening gastritis or hemorrhage. Cortisone is also used as an anti-inflammatory - a substance that is better than its reputation.

movement therapy

Even if every movement hurts, exercise therapy is an important part of the treatment with rheumatism: it prevents the progression of movement from progressing.

The artificial joint

Joints destroyed by the disease are sometimes surgically replaced - whether by an artificial knee or hip joint or by intervertebral disc prostheses in the cervical region.

nutritional supplements

In addition, a healthy diet with high levels of vitamin C and E as well as vitamin D and calcium is particularly noteworthy. Collagen hydrolyzate and glucosamine are nutritional supplements that help joints - as well as enzymes and a balanced distribution of acidic and basic foods. Healing earth and fango packs help the joints externally with inflammatory thrusts.

Doctors and support groups clarify

Of course, there is a special procedure for each disease with medication or surgery - you can find more information on the particular disease. Work together with rheumatologists, physical therapists and self-help groups to develop a therapy concept that suits your needs and disease!

Rheumatic diseases are often not curable, the complaints are only alleviated by the various treatment options. Therefore, the disease leads to drastic changes in work and private life. Self-help groups provide useful tips on how to handle the situation and what types of therapy there are. Addresses of the various self-help groups can be found under the individual diseases.

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