Save teeth: sports mouthguard

Classics such as hockey, martial arts and riding, but also the trend sports inline skating, skate boarding and the more extreme forms of mountain biking pose a high risk of tooth injury. Around 80% of accidents involve the upper incisors. Due to the often occurring secondary problems, a lifelong intensive dental care is required in many cases. Wearing a mouthguard effectively prevents this. But whether static rubber rails or made-to-measure ready-made rails made of deformable material: The often insufficient accuracy of fit prevents effective protection against injury.

Better and more comfortable to wear is an individual, made by tooth impressions mouthguard. Respiration and speech are the least affected and, according to comparative statistics, the risk of injury is 60 times lower.

The individually made mouthguard

The individual mouthguard is made from taste-neutral plastic plates on the basis of an imprint by the master dental technician. This guarantees a good grip while wearing as well as the damping tuned to the sport. The mouthguard offers in comparison the highest wearing comfort, an optimal fit and protection under force. He should be checked regularly by the dentist. In most cases it is worn in the upper jaw.

Trendy gag: The mouthguard can be made in one or more colors. Even pictures or inscriptions can be incorporated. This increases the acceptance of the teenagers for the mouthguard. A medical precaution becomes a cool sports equipment.

Important: Regular maintenance of the mouthguard

Of course, the mouthguard as well as the protected teeth must be cleaned regularly. Immediately after wearing, running water is sufficient. After drying, a special box should be used for storage. When the next training session approaches, the mouthguard is rinsed with a mouthwash or mild antiseptic.

The cost of making an individual mouthguard is - depending on the sport, color and design - between 120 € and 180 €.

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