Irritable stomach: symptoms and causes

Our stomach is a mirror of our soul, which is particularly evident in stress and anger. Now the researchers are actually tracking down the belly brain. Using increasingly sophisticated biochemical and imaging techniques, they have discovered that the abdomen has a kind of second brain: around the stomach and intestines, there is the second largest accumulation of nerve and the largest number of immune cells in the body. Unfortunately, the abdominal brain is difficult to influence, because it has its own head!

Organic healthy and still sick

6 to 25% of people worldwide have ever had trouble with their tummy, women slightly more often than men. The digestive system is like a second brain and responds to stress, unpleasant situations or grief in its own way. The symptoms such as stomach upset, bloating, diarrhea, constipation or heartburn are summarized under the terms irritable bowel or irritable bowel.

The causes are not yet completely known. Presumably, the stomach / intestinal wall has a lowered pain threshold and reacts z. B. more sensitive to stomach acid. The doctor's diagnosis: organically healthy, benefits the individual only insofar as they now know that they are not suffering from a food allergy, lactose intolerance or celiac disease that does not tolerate cereal protein fractions. Again, there is diarrhea, constipation or flatulence.

Irritable stomach - what to do?

Also, a bacterial cause or a reflux disease should be excluded. Reflux disease is characterized by persistent heartburn and should be treated by a doctor as it can lead to cancer. A drug therapy for occasional heartburn as it occurs in addition to bloating, feeling of fullness even in the irritable stomach, there is not yet.

What remains is the elimination of symptoms with herbal teas (such as peppermint, artichoke, caraway or anise) or non-prescription synthetic substances that bleed the intestine: the active ingredient simethicone z. B. makes the air mixture collapse in the stomach. It makes sense if the medication simultaneously neutralizes excess acid, such as. B. aluminum hydroxide. Relaxation techniques and regular sports are also helpful.

Diet with irritable stomach

The German Society for Digestive and Metabolic Diseases advises in an irritable bowel, which is characterized by changing bowel habits, to an individual nutritional therapy, since the appearance is so different. Most patients can not tolerate high-fat, sweet and high-swelling foods. A fiber-rich diet (eg whole grains, legumes, flaxseed) is only suitable for patients with constipation, but often the symptom complex is more dominated by diarrhea. Some patients are also sensitive to whole grains. For the bowel is important for regular exercise, sports, but also yoga can help.

  • In case of heartburn, raise the head of the bed, do not eat too late in the evening
  • acidic foods (mostly fat, sweets, chips) and beverages (alcohol, coffee / black tea)
  • avoid individually incompatible foods
  • Instead of 3 luscious rather 5 smaller meals
  • less / no cigarettes
  • In obesity (obesity) reduce weight
  • Sufficient movement
  • Stress-relieving relaxation methods such as yoga, autogenic training
  • Herbal teas for flatulence: z. Peppermint, aniseed, caraway
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