Traveling with children - playing on vacation

The holiday usually begins for children only at the holiday destination. Even the shortest journey is boring and annoying for her. To avoid stress, the ADAC has put together a few tips and tricks for parents to keep their little ones happy:

  • Ensure a safe, yet comfortable sitting position. Child restraint systems are mandatory in almost all European holiday destinations.
  • Do not keep children out of their rhythm. Especially with infants and toddlers, it is advisable to adapt the ride to their eating and sleeping habits. Think about your favorite stuffed animal. This gives the little ones a feeling of security and helps against homesickness.
  • Do not forget walkman and cassettes. Older children can deal with it very well over a longer distance alone.
  • Make enough breaks. Exercise and fresh air are just as important for parents as they are for the next generation. Various service areas also offer playgrounds where the little ones can really let off steam.
  • Before you start your journey, prepare simple games such as "City, Land, River" or "I see something you do not see". Older children from the age of eight are happy to guess markings or try to make funny sentences from the letters of the license plate.
  • Include schoolchildren in travel planning. If you familiarize yourself with the map at home, you can help the driver later with the route search.
  • Single children in the car not left to themselves. If possible, sit back for a while and talk about the holiday country. That makes you want to spend the holidays and makes you feel excluded in the rear

While driving, eat and drink properly

The right nutrition is also important on the journey. We recommend fresh fruit, raw food and sandwiches, which are prepared in bite-sized form, best transported in a cool bag. But it may also be a cookie or gummy bear. Sufficient drinking is very important during the trip. Strongly sugary sodas rarely quench your thirst. In contrast, chilled mineral water is refreshing. Only those who drink enough liquid will remain fit and able to concentrate.

Child safety in the car - EU-wide regulation

As before, a child without the required safety in the car is exposed to a high fatal accident risk. Since the German regulations on child safety in motor vehicles are relatively strict, the responsible driver or the parents also fulfill their duty on foreign trips if they use the restraint systems prescribed in Germany correctly when transporting children. This means that children under the age of 12 years who are less than 150 cm need a weighted and officially approved restraint system.

The use of rear-facing baby car seats on the front-passenger seat is only permitted if the airbag has been deactivated. Approved is a restraint if it has the ECE approval mark no. 44/03 or 04. Larger or older children are subject to adult seat belts.

Who uses a rental car on holiday should, according to ADAC already make sure at the reservation to book the right child seat. In addition, according to the club, a look into the operating instructions - if available - is always helpful before installation.

But the car rental companies also like to help personally. Parents who want to play it safe should take their own baby carrier with them on the journey. Most car rental companies can not predict which model will be available at the resort.

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