Travel sickness in children - what to do?

Every year during the holiday season the same thing: The child not only comments on the long journey with a constant "Are we there yet?", But after some time in the car complains of nausea. Soothing, when there is an exit nearby; Many parents always have a set of plastic bags with them. But there are aids so that it does not get that far.

Symptoms of motion sickness

Many people know the dull feeling in the stomach area, which can disturb the well-being considerably during longer car journeys or on the ship. The brain is confused by the various signals sent from the eyes ("immobile space") and the balance organ ("rocking it") - and reacts with nausea, in the worst case vomiting.

In children around the age of 2, the organ of balance is completely developed. From then on, they can be just as travel sick as adults. Swinging and carousel driving is not a problem, but the strong acceleration and braking in a room where nothing moves, even in children often leads to dizziness, nausea and nausea. This effect is reinforced by activities that are supposed to distract you - for example reading or playing games.

Prevent travel sickness in children

It is most pleasant for all concerned, if it does not come to such attacks. Here are some general tips on how to prevent yourself:

  • Can you maybe drive at night? Then often the balance system pauses and reacts less sensitively to external stimuli. At best, your child will oversleep the critical situation.
  • An empty stomach is more susceptible to the rice disease. Therefore, start with a small, light meal. Well suited are fruit, rusks and bread.
  • Let your child - preferably in the direction of travel - look out the window and fix a distant point. Maybe it likes to count mountains or clouds? For distraction, it can simultaneously listen to a radio play or music (with headphones). Read? Better not!
  • In another means of transportation (bus, plane, ship) you should choose a place in the middle - there the movement is the least.
  • Allow enough breaks (at least every 2 hours) to relax, let off steam, oxygenate and air. Nothing speaks against a snack - but please no large meals.
  • The clothes should be comfortable and should not constrict.
  • If you are a smoker: Please do not smoke in the vehicle!
  • Sleep: Go on a long journey rested. If you are tired before you travel, you can travel more quickly. And is rather irritated!
  • Chewing chewing gum or sucking sweets while driving. Especially recommended are preparations with peppermint or ginger. Their effect against nausea has long been known.

Tip: prepare a tea in advance - peppermint tastes better than most ginger children. It can be siped while driving.

Travel sickness with drugs counter

If your child is prone to travel sickness, you can also take preventive medication. The active ingredient Dimenhydrinat (for example in Vomex®, Vomacur®) is often good, is well tolerated, but makes you a little tired. For smaller children, it is in the form of suppositories, older get tablets or drops. The preparations are given half an hour before departure. As chewing gum (for example Superpep®) Dimenhydrinat acts very fast and can be chewed even at the first symptoms.

In addition, there is also an attempt with homeopathic remedies. The classic remedy for motion sickness is Cocculus. Begin five days in the D6 potency three times a day for two days before the trip. If you still have complaints while driving, give them half-an-hourly. If dizziness and circulatory problems are associated with nausea, give Tabacum in the same dosage instead.

Motion sickness acute

Rice potion despite the means mentioned? Here are some tips for the acute case:

  1. Drive a parking space as soon as possible. At least now is a long break in the fresh air announced.
  2. Let your child breathe deeply and deeply through the mouth. Tell him something to distract him.
  3. Give it water and a little salty (salt sticks, crackers) to nibble.
  4. If it has severe circulatory problems (pale, cold sweat) put a cool cloth on your forehead and neck and let it lie down (at least if you have left the car). Veratrum album (D6, three times five globules within a few minutes) is the acute remedy for circulatory problems.
  5. Still have some plastic bags ready - in case the next picnic area is coming.

We wish you a good trip!

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