Travel checklist for diabetics who need to inject insulin

Travel checklist for diabetics

  • Take insulin in duplicate and transport it in two different pieces of luggage (in your hand luggage when traveling by air)!
  • glucometer
  • Double blood glucose test strips and visually readable test strips should the device fail
  • Lancets in duplicate and lancing device
  • Diabetic Diary
  • International diabetic ID card
  • Confirmation from the doctor that the carried items are needed for the treatment of diabetes, listing items individually
  • BE exchange table
  • glucagon
  • Test strips on ketone body
  • Grape sugar and snacks
  • Foreign health insurance, foreign health insurance
  • Maybe a cool box


  • Pen cartridges with insulin U 100 in duplicate
  • Pen / needles for pen
  • Disposable syringes U 100 for pen emergencies

User of syringes

  • Insulin vials with insulin U 40
  • Disposable syringes U 40, needles


  • Insulin pump and replacement pump (pack separately)
  • Spare batteries for pump
  • Sufficient supply of catheters
  • disinfectant
  • Insulin vials with pump insulin and empty syringe vials for the pump
  • A pen if the pump fails once
  • Instructions for use of the pump (possibly as a copy)
  • Certificate from the doctor about the need for the insulin pump for customs
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