Period pain - treatment and medication for dysmenorrhea

Counteract pain early

Try out which of the following home remedies will help you.

  • A hot water bottle or a warm bath is good for many sufferers. Just take it a bit easier on the "days" and consciously treat yourself to a little break.
  • Many women swear on enthralling plant teas made of lady's mantle, goose fingerwort or yarrow. There are also good experiences with preparations containing chaste tree or black cohosh, which have a cycle-regulating effect. Ask your pharmacist for advice.
  • Magnesium also acts as an anticonvulsant, which you can take several times a day as a brew tablet.
  • Basically, gynecologists recommend exercising regularly, which not only leads to better blood circulation, but also relaxes and releases more happiness hormones. That's why many women use sport specifically against the pain - and they distract you.
  • If your symptoms are more of a psychological cause, autogenic training or yoga can help. Many yoga exercises increase the blood supply to the abdomen - inquire about a course at your community college.

Painkillers and pain memory

In case of severe discomfort, it is advisable to use analgesics before the body develops a lasting memory of pain. Particularly suitable are agents that prevent the formation of the painkiller prostaglandin. These include ibuprofen, acetylsalicylic acid (ASA) and naproxen. Although paracetamol blocks pain perception in the brain, it does not affect the cause of prostaglandin production - but for women with stomach problems it can still be an alternative.

If a pain memory has already developed, it is recommended to use preparations that only bring about withdrawal bleeding after a few months: this gradually erases the memory. In your pharmacy there is a lot of help and advice.

  • Herbal supplements regulate the cycle.
  • Well tolerated medications and anti-spasmodic agents relieve the pain.
  • Effective drugs help against depressive moods that may accompany you.

Contraceptive pill for menstrual pain

The contraceptive pill is used against the common pain. The hormones suppress ovulation and it builds up in the uterus less mucous membrane. If it bleeds during the weeklong pause, then this is only an artificially induced withdrawal bleeding by the hormone waste - and that does not usually lead to complaints.


Sometimes it just helps to wait. Often the symptoms disappear with age or after a birth all by itself. If you have a daughter who complains about regular pains, you additionally support the physical well-being of your child by a careful education, trusting conversations and affection.

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